Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Morning 1-Minute Practice Report

-Hope continues to like the speed of the practices.

-Really likes the development of the team...and thinks the team is getting better each practice and progressing well.

-Wiggs kicked a 62-yard field goal in live action with a full rush.

-The quarterbacks are doing a good job of getting rid of the ball before the sack.

-Ken Plue is dominating regularly.

-Will Lucas is "ready now" according to Hope and, regardless of class, is one of the better defensive players on the team.

-Antavian Edison & Keith Smith were called the fastest and most-consistent players on the offense among the skilled players.

Not a whole lot to report...but in the middle of camp, that might be OK.


Scruffy_P said...

I had to read the third item a couple of times before it sank in.

Also, did anyone else watch Curtis "oops that ball totally went too far over the sideline for my receiver on the deep out" Painter have a pretty solid game last night?

boilerdowd said...

Painter's not the bum that he seemed to be in the first game...nor will a perfect QB ranking become the norm. He's a fine backup for Manning...then again, I would be too.

J Money said...

I love that Sorgi is now backing up Eli. Nice career symmetry. I bet he does awesome impressions of both.

jfiandt said...

It's great to see Will Lucas getting some attention. That kid could be something special if he stays healthy. Knows where the ball is and goes after it - no hesitation. Add some pass-disruption to his game and he will be downright lethal. It is rather amazing to see how far the LB corps. has grown in both numbers and ability. Having Werner back in the fold will do wonders for the younger guys taking the torch for next season.

I haven't seen much of Landholm in any of the write-ups and Emmanuel seems to be taking the questions. I think this is confirmation that Landholm is going to move on and/or retire come the end of this year. One would think you don't sign a guy like GE and not have him become the full-time DC in short order. He would't make a lateral move at this point in his career with his resume being what it is.

boilerdowd said...

I think you're right about Emmanuel & Landholm...I don't really mind as long as Landholm's D produces...gotta be able to stop the run in crunch time- this unit should be able. to.

Anonymous said...

So Wiggs is making long FGs, any word on whether our punts will start making it past midfield? I don't think I can take any more 20 yarders *cringes*