Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ice Cold Coach Strikes Again

We've told you how we think Hope's control of info is frustrating at times, and hilarious at others. But, in yesterday's post-practice interview, he had one of the funniest "shoot-down" answers I've heard thus far...That said, it's gotta piss off the media.

Media guy:
"Now that you're in your game prep, do you have good idea who's in your two-deeps?"

"Yep, yep...good idea."

And that was it. No further explanation, nothing but a look right at the guy (whom I don't know by voice).

Make no mistake, if Hope's not pleased with you and you're in the media, you'll get nothing, and like it.


jfiandt said...

Coach Hope is black and white - it's refreshing. He doesn't take to mincing words and doesn't call his or other teams's guys out like some recent BT coaches do. Hope speaks his mind and doesn't misconstrue much.

I've read some snide comments made by Carmin @ J&C in regards to Hope's lack of details. Was Carmin the one on the receiving end of the exchange?

J Money said...

I like that he listens to the question and answers the question. He was asked if he had a good idea... yes, he does. He wasn't asked "Who are they?"

Reporters are super lazy these days... case in point, when they don't even ask a question, but say something like, "Coach, talk about your special teams today...."

What? If it were me, I'd say, "what's your specific question?" But no, they want the interviewee to do their job for them and provide a good sound byte.


Jeffobocko said...

It reminds me of a scene in the late great TV show Better Off Ted when the boss lady is giving a deposition:

Interviewer: Can you describe your job?

Veronica: Yes.

Interviewer: [Pause] How would you describe your job?

Veronica: Cleverly.

Andy said...

Reporters should never ask yes/no questions. But, most interviewee's aren't sharp enough to recognize a yes/no and simply answer. Good for Coach Hope - make 'em work for it!

Ben said...


I also like that Coach Hope uses words like, winning season, bowl game, building the program up to win a conference championship.....he recognizes that there are goals along the way- where as Coach Tiller would just dismiss such drivel. You never heard Coach Tiller talking about winning championships. He was too convinced of himself that Michigan and Ohio State had too many resources that they couldn't be beat.

Coach Hopes record against the supposed top tier of our conference is far better than the last half decade of JT.

I for one, am thrilled we have Coach Hope. I was uncertain when he was first hired, but his recruiting has been far superior and his interviews make him much likable/ approachable in my opinion.