Friday, August 13, 2010

"That's Just a Matter of Time..."

Brian Kelly, latest savior of Notre Dame football, said in an interview with ESPN that aired last week that he thinks of Notre Dame as "Integrity, academics...and great football."

Maybe he means by the visitors to Notre Dame Stadium.

Regardless, in case you missed the interview, it is below. Most notably, people, let's all remember that Notre Dame winning national titles is... "just a matter of time."

Smartly, Coach Kelly does not say how much time it will take.

See the video, after the jump.


Plang said...

It is just a matter of time before glaciers come back...

jfiandt said...

The more I read up on this team, the more I like our chances against them. Kelly's teams will score points, but he is another Big Least coach trying to bring a snazzy offense and 3-4 defense to another midwestern school and being called revolutionary for doing so. How has that worked for Rich Rod thus far?

His best year was with Mark D.'s defense at UC. He had alot of shootouts last year. You have to keep the other team from scoring. They'll score alot of points with Kelly running things, but he has yet to field a solid defense against quality competition.