Saturday, August 07, 2010

The time to make this right, is now.

We all know that Matt Painter was signed to a contract extension in April...and we all know about the clause that's in his contract that makes his contract a less-than-sure-thing, especially at the end of the ginormous upcoming season. What we don't know is what are the ramifications of this clause.

Sure, I like Painter and feel like he wouldn't leave especially after a relatively-short and successful stint as his Alma Mater's head basketball coach. But there's wiggle room here, lots of it actually...and that's what's bothersome.

I waited to write this post for a couple of reasons...but one of the biggest is I don't like writing posts about conjecture or things that might happen. There's a lot of possibilities in this case of things that could happen and I won't get into those right now. But, in my opinion, this issue needs to be put to bed now.

Perhaps Izzo smartly brought this clause to Brandon Dawson's attention earlier this week, perhaps not...we don't know. But I don't think it's dirty recruiting to state facts about holes in the state of a competing program, and to me, this is a gaping chasm...especially for this pivotal class of 2011 that is far from set, at this point.

If Painter has every intention to stay and Burke wants him to do so, they both need to come together in a hurry about this tiny portion of Matty's contract that seems to be a gigantic problem.


Kevin said...

You guys need to calm down. We will be just fine. We need program guys, and I guarantee this guy was not a program guy. Let him go to MSU, we need program guys. Not five stars.

boilerdowd said...

We need to calm down? Thanks for the counseling, doc.

It's not a good thing for the program to have the coach's contract structured the way it is. That was the point of the post- Dawson is a portion of this issue...not a big one mind you.

Please read my comments on the Dawson post.

MrAnonymous said...

You might want to see your doctor about taking some anti-anxiety medication.

buzzyboy said...

B-dowd, Thanks for addressing the issue. I'm not sure many Boiler fans are aware or understand the implications. IMO this is just leverage for Painter to renegotiate after this year. However, the situation opens us up for negative recruiting and creates doubt in the minds of the recruits (especially the 2011 targets). As for Kevin's comments, my expectations are higher for this program. It's been 32 years since we were in a final 4 and I believe we have an opportunity to jump into the national scene and stay there. The talent in the Midwest and specifically Indiana is as good as I've ever seen. We have the staff and the program identity to consistently succeed. The only thing holding us back is our ability to up the level of our recruiting. getting "program guys" is still important but needs to be supplemented with a stud or two each year if we're going to reach the goals that I (and I'm sure the coaches and players) have for this team. This why it's so important that anything that negatively affects our ability to land our top targets is taken off the table. The crazy thing is this is something that the athletic department and Painter control. We are doing this to ourselves.

Kevin said...

I have high hopes for this year’s team. I have high expectations for this program from this point forward. I’m frustrated just as much as the next Boiler fan that Purdue always gets so close to the summit before coming right back down again. In most major college sports…..

My view is that Dawson was going to go to MSU the minute Izzo said he wasn't bolting off to the NBA. Why wouldn't he? Izzo is constantly in the national spotlight, always making great runs in the tournament, sends kids to the NBA, what's not to like? Right now, Purdue is a long way off from going head to head with Izzo and recruiting. Purdue makes a final four/national championship run, and sends three players to the NBA, and watch what happens. I highly doubt the icing on the cake was Painter's contract.

B-dowd, I read your comments on your post about Dawson. I completely agree with you. One thing I would add is that Painter had more time to spend with this class than he has all the other classes. Your point about losing Cuonzo Martin is spot on; he was a big hit to recruiting. Paul Lusk needs to step up to the plate.

The calm down comment was based on my confidence in Painter and his staff. Matty is no fool, he can have a great thing at Purdue, just like Izzo. He has done so well the past five years, now he just needs a great run and the players that are on the fence will sign (even the five star guys). One down year (2011) will not drop Purdue from the national spotlight. Two to three years will. He needs to focus on this run and if that is how he is spending his time, then I’m behind him 100%. Also, I’m sure Burke and Painter’s people are in constant talks over his contract, and keeping that silent isn’t a bad thing either.

boilerdowd said...

Kevin and Buzzy- thanks for the thoughtful responses. I think we're all on the same page and want things to progress. Painter knows it, we know it- this program needs all the talent it can get.

PWS said...

It is no coincidence that this clause comes after one of the most highly anticipated Boiler basketball seasons. Out of a seven year contract, they given him this type of freedom after year 1? That’s pretty abnormal don’t you think? I envision a conversation like this:
Matty: I respectfully request more money.
MB: How much?

Matty: Somewhere in Izzo’s range.

MB: You have been successful and deserve more money, but not Izzo type money. No elite 8’s and no Final 4’s.

Matty: We will this year

MB: Plus we don’t have that kind of money.

Matty: You will when I bring home the title.

MB: That has yet to be seen. How ‘bout this? If you have a successful season this year, we will give you more money.

Matty: Great! But how do I know you’re serious? If we make it to the final four, people will want me, you know?.

MB: How about this? If you have a successful year, we will renegotiate. And if I’m lying, you can leave for a better deal down the road and I won’t charge you a cent.

Matty: Let’s get this down on paper.

MB: Let’s.

My point is this: Matty has been a Godsend. No doubt about it. I love the guy. But to shell out big time dollars, you need concrete results to warrant them. This clause gives the two the option to revisit this contract next year after all the expectations have turned to reality (whether they are good or bad). It is worrisome, but I think mostly strategic. As long as the lines of communication are open, it allows both sides to protect themselves. Purdue from overpaying and Painter from being undervalued