Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Well, What Did YOU Take for P.E.?

Some of you may recall that I currently live in Texas. Certainly Big 12 country and Longhorns/Aggies territory, but since I'm in Houston, there are also lots of SEC transplants here. Because, let's face it, if you want a job, trolling for work in Tuscaloosa or Little Rock probably isn't going to turn up too much.

So I have a bunch of golf buddies who are all really good guys, with their only big-time flaws that they are SEC fans. And stereotypical, SEC fans, at that. I've heard comments on how they should have the national title and then there should be one for "everybody else." Yes, that cocky.

Anyway, I played golf with one of them on Saturday (from Georgia, big Dawgs fan), along with his Dad and his brother (currently a student at Auburn). After the round, we're having the requisite pitchers of beer, when the subject of taking golf for credit at Auburn comes up. Now, sure, you can take a number of sports for one credit at Purdue, including golf. My friend's brother says, yeah, maybe he should take golf... and then it comes out that last year, as a freshman, he took....wait for it.....water-skiing, for credit.


For credit.

We all chuckled, and then at the perfect moment of silence, I tossed out, "Well, that's an SEC education for you."

They were...let's say...less than amused by this.

"Oh, come on!," Dad challenged, "What did you take for P.E. at Purdue?"

"Well," I said, "Since it's not a high school, we weren't required to take phys ed. We went there for an education."

BOOM! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Cletus!



dozer8589 said...

Yeah, but before you can take waterskiing, you need to finish the prerequisites:

Possum Tossin'
Cousin Humpin'

Plang said...

I took bowling at Purdue.* 1 credit, three classes a week, 7:30 in the morning, spring semester. I earned that 1 credit.

* not required, just needed it to have 12 credit hours to be a full-time student so I could be an RA and live off the fat of the land.

T-Mill said...

I took bowling as well. Great class!

boilerdowd said...

I took bowling three.

Plang said...

Purdue: Engineering and Bowling hotbed!

zlionsfan said...

I took bowling and golf. And racquetball.

And when I took the golf class, the teacher (not exactly a professor, you know) didn't care so much about our attendance as long as we were playing somewhat regularly. Seeing as how I lived on the south end of campus, I may or may not have presented the teacher with a stack of scorecards on the final day of class, cleverly filled in with somewhat randomly-varying numbers to indicate slow but steady progression over time. That may or may not have resulted in getting an A for the class.

word verification: unsory. I am unsory that I got an A in golf by possibly pretending that I was playing golf rather than sleeping in because I'm not walking 25 minutes across campus to make a 7:30 class just in case it isn't rained out.

Keith said...

I just thought that all of the fans of boiledsports would like to see this, given the rediculous nature of the videos from ND and the OSU.
Please pass this on to all of your SEC friends..BTFU

Scott said...

J Money, you live in Houston? I live here as well, for about 7 years now. Do you watch the football games with the alumni at Coaches in Midtown? If you don't already you should join.

And I took bowling three times, PE twice and taekwondo once. I would have done horseback riding but it cost extra. Classes like these are needed not only to relieve engineering stress but to take classes that actually have women in them.

Anonymous said...

For everyone that took bowling, I join your ranks. Anyone else think that Doug looks/looked like John Malkovich? Great guy.