Monday, September 06, 2010

2011 Class looking Super-Athletic!!

Matty surprises us again with the verbal from Jacob Lawson...if nothing else, EsPN will wanna show Boiler highlights in a few seasons. Lawson chose Purdue over G'Town, Mississippi, Wake and others. He averaged 14.5pts. last season...but more note-worth, 12.5 rebs...and 5.5 blocks!!

See for yourself part of the reason why Matty likes this kid:

Welcome, Mr. Lawson!!

...And you already know this fella:

Purdue Commit Donnie Hale


Delaware Hawk said...

is it just me or am i the only one who loves the fact that Hale is a southpaw

Plang said...

Another good find. Hope Painter keeps rolling with these guys.

Mark said...

Why do people with video cameras and editing equipment think that dunks are somehow supposed to tell me if a 6-8 player is good...If they can't dunk, then they shouldn't pick up the ball.

Let's see some defense, shooting, moving without the ball, rebounding, etc.

No offense to BoiledSports, but that video was worthless.

boilerdowd said...

Mark, thanks.
Are his stats that I posted worth anything?
Are his other offers worth anything?

Do the type of dunks show athleticism (that's worth something in basketball)?

Was it noteworthy to you that he dunked on a 7 footer...a Plumlee no less?

That's worth something to me...quite a bit actually.

I didn't post this video to show his worth as a player, I posted it because it's fun to watch...and he will be too, especially in a Boiler uniform.

boilerdowd said...

One more thing- how many highlight videos are filled of players moving without the ball?

I do get what you're saying, by the way...but you know where we stand on basketball players.

Mark said...

As I said, no offense was aimed at you...

That being said, I've seen plenty of HS videos of recruits with some of what I mentioned.

Anyhow, I appreciate the blog! Keep feeding us all the Boiler Sports we crave. Thanks!

Michael R. said...

Find me a video that demonstrates his amazing defensive abilities.... actually find me a video of any basketball player in high school showing his defensive abilities....

Won't happen, what I take from these videos is the vertical jump more than anything.

boilermaker extra special said...

For some reason i think this kid is going to be a better fit for Purdue than Branden Dawson(with a quivvering lip). The fact is that Dawson probably wouldnt have lasted 3 years before he tested the NBA waters. This is a 6'9 17 year old who has height and athleticism, 2 things you cant teach, he can block shots and rebound, 2 more things you can't teach. It is a wonder this kid isn't in the top 150, or maybe he will be in the next one but i feel like he is a steal and is flying under the radar a bit,,and he has 2 inches on Branden Dawson. AND HE RUNS A 10.8 100 meter dash..He is SOO FAST!! Get him in transition and lets go. I believe that Matty is setting the program up to be something special,,the way i see it...
2010 National Champs,
2011 struggles, still compete for a big 10 championship and 2nd round or maybe sweet16 birth, but with the talent of 2012 and the development of the 2010 and 11 class, there is no reason why we can't compete for a national championship again in 2013 Led by SR's T&A Johnson and Travis Carroll, followed by seniors the next year Lawson, Hale, and Randle(hopefully) which should be a chance to return to another final 4, then the next year, Simpson, Molock and Davis, only reloading the year after with guys like Smotherman, Davis, Scott, Irvin, Beachem, and will once again be in contention for another national title...
Oh, sorry, I woke up... but anyways, its something to think about. You have to start somewhere though, and what better place to start by winning it all in 2010 and landing Randle and some of those big name 2013 guys early to make this "dream" a reality.

boilerdowd said...

Put down the Kool-Aid bucket and step backward!!

But, love the enthusiasm. Before we start running around making 2013 predictions, let's have a game to start 2010/11, why don't we???

We like this kid too.