Friday, September 17, 2010

Classic BS Photo: Idiot Fans In Ohio

This weekend, Ohio and Ohio State are playing, which give me the opportunity to post one of my favorite pics of stupid fans:

That photo is from last year's OSU-Ohio tilt. And, yes, those tools are wearing Ohio shirts -- including the one on the right mocking OSU -- and Ohio State hats. Seriously, fellas?

As I recall, Ohio kept this game alarmingly close for the first half and I snatched this screengrab as they were panning the crowd as the teams went to the locker rooms at halftime. So these guys were, presumably, cheering Ohio for keeping it close... right?  And then, after the game, drinking beer and high-fiving over the Buckeyes win.

Because, I would imagine, they went to Ohio but root for Ohio State. Awesome.

It's fans like this that are embarrassing to the rest of us. You can't even pick a side of the fence to stand on... during the game?


Jon said...

It's Ohio. What do you expect?

IceT said...

This picture is perfect! Just epic

But of course, if you've ever talked to someone who went to Toledo, Akron, Bowling Green, ect., they are always die hard buckeye "fans" (even when their school plays OSU).

Anonymous said...

Ice T is right on the nose. I always see this with people from Ohio. Even the guy from EsPN First Take went to I belive BG but roots for OSU. Pathetic in my opinion.

My weird verification is mothaist. It sounds like some sort of crazy religion.

Ben said...

The only fist fight I initiated in college was over this very topic. I was taking shit from some OSU fans who of course, did not go to OSU. They didn't care for that point to be made so I kept making it. Eventually one guy pushed me and like donkey kong- it was on.

The only OTHER fight in college was in Ann Arbor at a bar after the game (we got our asses handed to us...on the field, not the fight)...but of course we're wearing our Purdue gear out to the bar...drunken fraternity brothers and loud mouth Michigan fans....that was an awesome brawl. The cops even let those who were caught post bond on their on debit/ credit cards.

Jake Roberts said...
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Jake Roberts said...

Ok, let's all be honest with ourselves. I'm sitting here on OU's campus watching the Bobcats get their asses handed to them. it is literally 34-0 in the first half.


I am still an OHIO fan. I hate how everyone who is from the state of Ohio feels as if they are entitled to being a buckeye fan. "The" Ohio State University? No. Fuck You. Ohio University. 1804 Bitch. Recognize.

Nonetheless, let's look at the bigger picture of this. Why the hell does everyone have to like the teams that win? The Buckeyes are like the Yankees of the NCAA.

People like them because they win. Have a little bit of loyalty. My teams may not win, but at least I'm not a homer.

You may say "We'll I was born a fan, and I'll die a fan" or "I'm from Columbus." Just wait until they DON'T win. Talk to me then. You sound like Bengals fans.

I'd rather be a loser and a bobcat than a hairless nut.

Brutus Buckeye is just Mr. Peanuts retarded cousin.

Ben said...

Good stuff Jake.

boilerdowd said...

Continue fighting the fight, Jake!

Mr. (not) the Jet Set said...

Right, it's important to point out here.... The whole ND football 'fan' and IU basketball 'fan' thing? Yeah, it totally applies to OSU football too. Same deal, just a little further east. Just as clueless as to why true fans of any other team would take issue with it, maybe slightly more so.