Thursday, September 09, 2010

Feel the Power: Handsome Hour!!! 9/9/10

The Handsome Duo Rides again!!
They discuss last week's loss and look ahead to Saturday's game.
It's the first call-in show of the year...
Tune in now!
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Cult_Daddy said...


Cult_Daddy said...

In addition, great show and blog. Long time reader/listener, first time commenter.

Anonymous said...

Is J-money Seth Rogen?

finntastica said...

Great Show yet again, guys.

My $.02:

First Penny: I am happy Iowa is our permanent "rival." The wife & her giant family are all Hawkeyes, so this should be fun (I also think MSU would have been a better choice, though).

Second Penny: I live in Chicago and will be at the Northwestern game. If anyone wants to meet up for beers let me know.