Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Handsome Hour: 9/22/10

It's a family affair on tonight's Handsome Hour as the brothers Dowd address all things Purdue football.
How good is 94 when compared to other great Purdue DEs in recent memory?
What are we expecting as we look ahead???
And what should we see on Saturday vs. the Rockets.
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Tune in now!!


J Money said...

I'm always amazed at how young you and K look in photographs.

Ben said...
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Ben said...

I like the approach you guys are taking, losing to Notre Dame is never okay. The expectation is to be competitive, AND win in the B10.

I agree.

And I agree we look awfully thin. BUT, Coach Hope did coach the line that protected Drew Brees- therefore, I have the audacity to hope that our offense will bang it out, somehow. But if all the skilled players are injured that will become increasingly difficult.

You mention the RB situation and OSU has all those 5 star backs...while I won't disagree with the point you are making I would say that's a slippery slope as that rings a lot like Joe Tiller speak.

Protect the football, eliminate turnovers, win by attrition. It's not exciting, it's not basketball on grass but we are 2-1. Hope-fully on our way to 3-1.

I don't think we can hang onto the "young" title anymore because our coach has been intact for 3 seasons may be a stretch to think that his 3rd recruiting class would compete for a B10 title. But if not now, when?