Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hey, Remember Those Contests?

Yeah, remember those contests about the best photos you've taken of Purdue sports-related events and the best stories you had about Purdue athletes?  Well, we haven't forgotten about them. We just have lives outside of BS (hard to believe, I know) and while we do our best to not fall back on that excuse very often, sometimes it's just unavoidable. But rest assured, this doesn't mean we don't love you, our readers. We are, in fact, here for your personal amusement.

The cool part about those contest submissions was that we got tons of great stuff. It's going to be hard to pick just one winner for each, so there may be multiple winners. Because we're all winners here.

Look for posts to begin going up next week, starting with the ones that didn't win (but were still largely awesome) and followed by the winners. As noted, winners get a copy of Drew Brees' book, Coming Back Stronger. For those who already have it, well, you can re-gift it or put it on your coffee table or use it as a doorstop -- you know, like you did with all your other Purdue-related books back in Cary Quad. (Oh, no-he-din'nt!)

Thanks again to all for the submissions. We like it when you submit. To us. (Oooh, that sounds dirty.)

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zlionsfan said...

On a somewhat-related topic, that Super Bowl MVP guy is on the cover of Men's Health this month ... the article on him is only a couple of pages (it's part of a section on tips from winners), and in it we learn that he always works hard, no matter what he's doing. Tiller is quoted as saying that at Purdue, he basically had to kick Brees out of the film room when he (Tiller) was ready to go.

Well, I guess other readers would learn that. We pretty much knew that already, didn't we?