Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sanctions? What Sanctions?

[Inside's offices this morning]

"We need to put together an image for the site about the kickoff of college football season."

"Oh, I know! How about a bunch of different teams all grafted together into one image?"

"Brilliant! Everybody take 5!"

"No, but which teams?"

"Oh....I don't care. Hmmm... doesn't matter. Any teams. Which ones do you want?"

"I'll just pick a bunch at random, but what about the one front and center?  That should be a marquee team, right? One that represents the best about college football. A paragon of virtue. One that makes us all proud to be college football fans and never makes anyone think about the dirty underbelly of NCAA athletics... right?"

"Sounds good to me. So who are you going to use?"

"Well, USC, of course. Will Ferrell likes them."

"Oh, and you know what would be cool just to see if people are paying attention? Let's have the guy kicking off wear #49, which is worn by WR Robbie Boyer."



Scruffy_P said...

Also note that there's a UNC and a WVU (i think, far left) player in this... it's like they tried to get teams who are currently tangled up in some sort of investigation. And let's not eve get started on Oregon and the Masoli thing.

boilerdowd said...

It's funny because they're all playing at Michigan...but none of them are from Michigan.

Photoshop rules! Go Blue!

J Money said...

I didn't even notice the Michigan thing... that's awesome.

Anonymous said...

And it't the old Michigan Stadium

boilerdowd said...

...and the SC kicker is kicking it into the crowd.

Anonymous said...

He is wearing #48 not #49. Jacob Harfman whom is listed as their kicker.

Shawn said...

The guy on the far left is actually Cameron Ford, tight end from Wake Forest. They went pretty heavy on the ACC- 2 mascots and 3 players. Even the SEC only got 1. EsPN is run by idiots.