Sunday, October 10, 2010

Home Away From Home Highlights

H&R CEO/Emperor, T-Mill and I were in a similar situation Saturday night- we were both buried deep in the South-Eastern US and couldn't get to a TV with BTN. If you were like me on Saturday, you too savor these tasty morsels from the BTN...after the jump.

By far, my favorite part of the highlight is hearing Purdue fans supporting the squad after the game and turning Evanston into West Lafayette North. I think it's nice that NU celebrated Purdue's victory with made for an iconic interview.


T-Mill said...

I am right with you. I heard that this morning in Miami and it made me smile.

Also, the fans in Big Ten Country are INFINITELY better than anywhere else in the country. When I got doused with beer by an FSU fan 2 plays into the game, then yelled at when I had the gall to be upset by this fact, you have a problem.

Michael R. said...

I sat in one of the two "heavily" stubhubbed spots in Evanston to take my fiance to her first ever football game (peewee, jv, high, college or professional). Purdue faithful heavily showed up and helped educate my lady to the team. It is a shame that Purdue University at Evanston will not face us in Evanston for at least 3 years with the division structure. I will miss these guys as rivals. Although parking situation in Evanston is horrifying to say the least.

zlionsfan said...

I know that feeling. Back in the day, I got a ticket visiting someone at NU's campus. Parking? I was lucky to find my way there and back. It's like the urban planners who designed Boston moved west.

I suppose the trick is to take Metra: looks like there's a station just a few blocks from the stadium. The only catch is where you park ... most of the ELs will take you to or near Union Station to catch a Metra train, it just depends where you want to leave your car.

Plang said...

Watched the end of the game with a few friends the other night. It is good to finally have the BTN on Comcast out here without having to pay for a sports package.

The team looked okay in the 4th quarter. My friends were impressed with Henry - they didn't think he was a freshman until one of the announcers said it.

At least Purdue got to be on TV. The Utah game was only some Fox Sports channel that was shown in Western Iowa and parts of South Dakota.

Brad said...

I went to the game, and the last half of the 4th quarter and after the game made me feel like I was in WL. The Boiler contingent came alive and it was pretty incredible. The fireworks were a nice touch too.

As for parking, the joke is "The North Shore: We have everything but parking" and its the truth. We didn't have a problem getting a spot on north campus to tailgate though. I am staff at NU, and also just finished my Masters here, so I have pretty good feeling for Evanston and campus. The walk to the stadium isn't terrible, and is just a touch further from walking from the far west side of the intramural fields and Purdue West to RA.

Construction on Sheridan made traffic atrocious though, and for that, I apologize those who visited. They started it in early September right before the students came back, and it has made our daily lives hell.

Ben said...

I have the opposite problem here in Florida. I pay for the B10 package through Comcast...and they broadcast "regional" games....none of which ever included Purdue. What the hell does "regional" mean in the state of Florida regarding the B10?

I go to a two for one bar that has DirectTV and they get all the B10 channels. The $100 bar tab every saturday gets old, considering I'm already paying for a package and STILL can't get the game at home.