Friday, October 29, 2010

Purdue v. Illinois Predicto

Sorry for getting this posted so late...but now, thanks to our educated guesses, you degenerates can go bet your kid's college fund.

J says:
There's very little to make me feel good about the gave versus the Illini. Crazy Zooker has them playing pretty well, actually, with their only losses coming to really, really good teams. They've pummeled lesser opponents, such as IU. The game is at Illinois. And, as we all know, Purdue is one bad hit away from starting a WR at quarterback. The one glimmer I have isn't even strategic or on-the-field related. It's simply that, as we've said, Hope's teams tend to come up big when it looks like the deck is stacked against them. This is one of those times. Could Purdue win at Illinois? Sure, they could. Just like they won at Northwestern when NU was 5-0 and hosting a night game and really up for it. However, it will take a superhuman effort from the defense -- not just Ryan Kerrigan -- and those efforts have seemed to waver from time to time this year. Winning this game would make life a lot easier in terms of believing a bowl game is possible. Losing this game means you've probably got to beat Michigan and IU at home. Not a completely insane task, but when you MUST do it.... well, that's a little different.

As I said on the podcast, I'm very concerned about this game.

Illinois 28
Purdue 10

Tim says:
Other than playing a directional team from Illinois, the two teams have but one mutual opponent - Ohio State. As we'd like to forget, Purdue got drubbed last week 49-0 by Ohio State, while Illinois lost to them 24-13. Illinois gives up 7 less points per week while also scoring 5 more points per week than Purdue. That's not a good sign. Both teams heavily rely on the run to move the ball though Illinois seems more committed to it, and while each of the quarterbacks are duel threats I give the edge there to Henry (he and Nathan Scheelhaase are about the same through the air but Henry is better on the ground). Of course, that's assuming that Henry even plays and even more speculatively doesn't have any problems with his throwing hand. If Robinson plays, who knows what will happen. Maybe he's Drew Brees part 2. Maybe he's Rick Trefzger part 2. Hopefully he's just not Jim Colletto part 2 because that would be weird.

There's just not enough cohesive offense for Purdue for me to give them the nod in this one.

Illinois 31
Purdue 14

boilerdowd says:
Sadly for me, Illinois is not the team I thought they'd be at this point. Zook has them playing well, with the exception of a few games. But, the Chief's losses come at the hands of teams with a combined ONE loss. Illinois fans tell me that they didn't feel like they beat IU as badly as the score indicates, but 30 points is a pretty sound beat down. Here's the problem: when Purdue plays unprepared, uninspired football, they're pretty much the same as IU: A bad defensive team that can't move the ball versus a team with any backbone at all. BUT, when Hope decides to motivate them, Nord gets inspired and reaches deep into his bag of tricks and Landholm doesn't soil himself while reviewing the opponent's talent level, Purdue is a solid, almost-good team.

That said, I think they'll play somewhere in between. I'm positive the defense will play better than last week and be more-prepared. I know nothing on the offensive side of the ball. I don't have any expectations for Robinson...but, first start on the road for a true Freshman isn't a great situation to be in. I don't think Dierking nor ATM are completely healthy and am unimpressed with the inconsistency of the receivers. Like my pals, I don't feel great about this one.

Illinois 23
Purdue 9

    To Your Call Once More We Rally;
    Alma Mater Hear Our Praise.
    Where The Wabash Spreads Its Valley;
    Filled With Joy Our Voices Raise.
    From The Skies In Swelling Echoes
    Come The Cheers That Tell The Tale
    Of Your Vict'ries And Your Heros,
    Hail Purdue! We Sing All Hail!

    Hail, Hail To Old Purdue!
    All Hail To Our Old Gold And Black!
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    Our Friendship May She Never Lack.
    Ever Grateful, Ever True,
    Thus We Raise Our Song Anew;
    Of The Days We've Spent With You,
    All Hail Our Own Purdue!


zlionsfan said...

Stop me if you've heard this before: it's a game against a team that plays solid defense. woo.

So it's possible that Purdue can sell out against the run, force Scheelhaase to throw, and make him make mistakes. Even so, I don't know that the offense and special teams can score enough points to pull out a win.

I see an undermanned squad playing hard and staying with Illinois for two quarters ... and then, in the second half, they just don't have enough to stay with the Illini. This is one of the best three-loss teams you'll see, and I'm afraid they'll look like it.

Illinois 41
Purdue 14

Michael R. said...

Just made a small bet with my brother (U of I grad). He wanted me to bet straight on but vegas odds suggest -16.5 for Illinois.

So I told him all Purdue vs Illinois points through the basketball series (including BTT and NCAAT).

Loser wears the enemy tie at work for a week.

I'm hoping the boys will be defensive in their probable loss.

16 Illinois - 6 Purdue

jfiandt said...

Through the sea of realism, I will set sail on the rowboat of optimism.

I think the defense exposes Illinois and comes out angry. I think Coach Hope pulls a Braveheart in the locker room and gets the team frenzied to murderous anger, (sans swords and kilts, but keeping the face paint), and Ryan Kerrigan accidentally knocks out JB Gibboney in the tunnel because he flexes his right bicep too hard, sending Gibboney into a season-long coma. No one seems to notice.

White Lightning drinks copious amounts of espresso starting at 6 AM and ending right before kick-off. The Blur will be renamed the Blur Jr. given how fast Henry is running on the strength of caffeine. He scores 5 TD's on his own. Hope capitalizes on no JB Gibboney and Kawaan Short's insights and asks Henry to handle kickoff returns, punt returns, QB, and Wide Receiver as Nord draws up a play of Henry throwing it down the field to himself as he races by stunned Illini defenders.

Nord chuckles, "They didn't see that coming."

Ryan Kerrigan sacks Scheelhause, Scheelhause's dog, and even Scheelhause's girlfriend who ends up asking Kerrigan to marry her to which he replies, "KERRIGAN SMASH!!" We have no clues as to her whereabouts after that and Chuck Norris reprises his role as Walker Texas Ranger to find her.

All in all, it's a game of pure fury contained only by crappy ESPN2 coverage by a man posing as a woman and her slighlty feminine male sidekick whose name escapes me.

The final score is Boilers 49 - Illinois negative 10 as Chuck Norris coming back as Walker Texas Ranger cost Illinois 10 points.

That is all. May God have mercy on our souls.

boilerdowd said...

Fiandt- well-done...all of that could happen. All of a sudden, today sounds like fun.

boilerdowd said...

That's two weeks in a row that our loyal readership has been able to pick a shellacking accurately. Not sure anyone feels good about that though.