Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry.

I waited on this one...but it keeps coming up, so I'm posting this.

When we all heard about Rob's injury, every Purdue fan, and even some people outside of the Purdue family felt sick...literally, in most cases. But, if you're like me, your sadness turned to anger shortly after as you started interacting with people outside of the Purdue fanbase.

Please understand this: for all of you who haven't wished ill-will upon Purdue, this isn't directed at you. I think everyone, from Hummel's family, down to people like me who are just fans, greatly-appreciate the well-wishes from those who have expressed that it stung them too when the news came out about the Rob's injury. Everyone else, listen closely.

On message boards, radio shows, and even in person I've heard it and seen it...and maybe you have too. Comments like, "We can't have Purdue winning a national championship now, can we." Or people just smirking as they ask, "How about Hummel's knee??" If you're in Indiana and you're a Purdue fan, you know what I'm talking about...and it's pretty disgusting.

Let's look at some of the facts here, shall we? Rob Hummel keeps a higher GPA than I did while at Purdue. He's a legitimate student athlete. He hasn't gotten in trouble with the law. I've never once heard a rumor of him demanding the ball, calling a teammate out or being anything more than a good teammate. He works at all parts of his game, not just offense...and probably doesn't shoot enough. He's a great rebounder, he's a shut-down defender, he moves (a lot) without the ball...and he's extremely fundamentally sound when shooting. A pal of mine once said, "Even his missed shots look good." We all saw what he's capable of last season v. aOSU at Mackey, when he decides to score. He can do it all...and does it well.

When he injured his knee the last time, he decided to take advantage of the time and do something he'd never done before- bulk up. The nickname "Ostrich" simply doesn't fit anymore. The stringbean kid that came to Purdue is now put together pretty well because of his outlook and his work ethic.

This time shortly after it was confirmed he had the same injury, I've heard he said, "At least I'll get to play in the new Mackey." Amazing. I'm positive I wouldn't have the outlook that he does if this had happened to me. Hell, I don't have it...and it didn't happen to me!

That's why I'm mad. Most of the people that have the smirks on their faces and make the comments in the wake of 4's injury were big Bobby Knight supporters. Do you think Knight would have liked to have Hummel on one of his squads...Don't answer- I don't care what you think. I do know that Knight loves the style of Painter's teams. He's said it quite a few times on EsPN.

J and I talked about this- We never liked Evan Turner. Sure, he whipped Purdue, but that wasn't why. We didn't like his cocky demeanor. BUT, when he went down last season, we hoped he'd get healthy quickly. As a fan, you always want to see your team beat the competition at makes a bigger statement.

But, many IU fans don't want Purdue at full-strength...they didn't want any part of Purdue this season with the Big Three in tact. It's understandable, if you're that guy, I guess.

These are the same people who put all their hope into the Kelvin Sampson basket after they got their wish to see Davis run out of town. They continued to defend the cheater saying his infractions weren't that serious. Then, they thought their program was above NCAA sanctions because they didn't know that this convicted cheater would (*gasp*) cheat again. Their frustration continues as Crean has floundered in his recruiting efforts in state. So, you clowns are sick of having your clocks cleaned by Purdue...and everyone else. I get that part.

But, to snicker and take even a little joy in Hummel's injury is pretty despicable. Hummel has been and is a basketball program's dream. So, I take great offense at anyone reveling in an injury that might or might not affect him for the rest of his career...maybe life. We just don't know yet.

Regardless of who it is, it's probably never a good practice to get giddy over a 21 year old getting hurt. And before your joy bubbles over to a full smile as you look ahead to this season, let me give you two reasons your enthusiasm might be short-lived:
You've been warned clowns. Don't think these two and their teammates won't be motivated and ready to play in a few weeks. The media already has ruled Purdue out as a contender...and don't think the players haven't heard the grumblings of the sentiment that Purdue will be lucky to be in the top-4 of the conference. In the recent words of Matty, "Our goals haven't changed."

Purdue fans, it's OK to expect big things still. And, to all those who have enjoyed watching a kid's injury, you should expect more of what you've gotten the past few seasons. Just a reminder, Rob's been hurt before...and the results were just a Big Ten Championship and a Sweet 16. The only difference this season is everyone has a chance to prepare for life without Rob...and they don't have to do it on the fly. Plus, two former multi-season All-Big Ten players are now Seniors.

This season will still be fun...but, I'm really looking forward to February 8th.


Ben C said...

If we'd never heard of Robbie Hummel, the talking heads would be calling Purdue a legitimate Final Four team, and I won't accept anything less.

I miss Kramer, Grant, and Wohlford, but this is a far better team than last year's.

John said...

I've been heartbroken over what Robbie is going through. Even more than feeling sorry for myself bc our beloved team lost arguably their best player, I feel mainly sorry for what Robbie must feel inside. Not being able to compete must be mental torture.

There is one thing, though, that absolutely pisses me off...even more than Dipshit Katz writing us off. It's when people talk about what Robbie "could have done", how "his career didn't fill out", etc. He could never play again, and he'd still be my favorite boilermaker. He's accomplished so much and inspired so many already...he's nothing short of a success in every meaning of the word. I look forward to seeing #4 back doing what he loves when he can, but I'm extremely grateful for what he has already done.
It's time to stop mourning and instead join together for what will be an amazing season. Win one for the Hummel.

Boilergal said...

I still think we have a great season ahead. Much more depth than last season, a lot more time to adapt to playing without Robbie, and Matt Painter who coaches through adversity like no other that I've seen. I agree with Ben that we would definitely be mentioned in the Final Four conversation if no one had heard of RH.

As for the IU/OSU/other despicable "fans" (real fans of the sport don't relish other teams injuries), I can't wait for Purdue to be in the same position at the end of Feb that we thought they would be with RH.

Unfortunately (well, fortunately), I will be on my honeymoon on Feb 8. At first, I didn't mind missing this game as I thought it was obvious who would win. I still think the outcome will be the same... my reaction to every obnoxious IU fan, however, would be much different. Please, every one else, pick up my slack. IU fans are scum for their glee in RH's injury.

Jake said...

WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am so pumped now! I feel like I could take on a Bear!!! Great write up B-Dowd, as always. There is a lot to be excited for in Purdue Sports and this team has a lot of potential no matter what. As long as I see Painter patrolling the sidelines I know there is going to be a hard-nosed Purdue team ready to take on the world.

PWS said...

I'm not from Indiana and had no animosity towards IU before attending Purdue. Since graduating, I frequently travel to Indiana and more specifically Indianapolis. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but the more interaction I have with IU fans; the more this word pops in my head – “classless.” In my opinion it is the big brother syndrome. Yes, IU is known for basketball and has had a larger US footprint, but the tide has changed and it has changed hard. Little brother Purdue is flying by as IU stands still. It is easy to have class when you’re on top…true character is tested when you’re battling from the bottom (through your own fault). Time to grow up, IU, you’re embarrassing the family.

Purdue Matt said...

Amen. Well said.

Someone at my work expressed joy the first time Rob injured his knee. He is an IU fan and he said that at least now he doesn't have to hear about Purdue's tournament run. I told him he was an asshole.

Purdue Matt said...

I don't like Evan Turner either. And its because he plays selfish, carries the ball, and whines. He also walked right off the court without shaking hands when OSU was eliminated by Tennessee in the tournament last year.

Erin said...

I would like to note: Evan Turner did tweet good thoughts to Robbie on Sat after he heard Rob was hurt. And, he also tweeted postive things last year about Hummel and Purdue during the season. I just don't think he is that bad of a guy. Give him some slack!

boilerdowd said...

Erin, he and Rob played a lot of basketball together- glad he wished him well. Doesn't change the fact that I don't like him or his way of doing things. He's a good fit for the NBA.

Jake- Love hearing that reaction!

Make no mistake- I don't think all IU fans are this way...but enough are that they make noise.

Joe said...

Any chance this may influence Randle's decision to sign up as a Boiler to play with Hummel next year?!

Bloomington.Boiler said...

I'm a Purdue grad working in Bloomington (hence the username), so I have Purdue stuff around my desk, and I've had numerous die hard IU fans stop by and tell me they feel awful for Robbie, and that they were even rooting for Purdue to win it all this year. Just thought it was worth it to mention my experience thus far; there are still some very decent basketball fans out there!

Thanks for firing me up about the season!

Anonymous said...

Joe - I'm pretty sure there is no way Randle will be able to come to Purdue now. With Hummel staying he will take up the last available scholarship for that year. Unless one of the current scholarship players decides to pay their own way for a year or one of them leaves for some reason we can't offer Randle. Unfortunately, in the short timeline left before he decides where to go I doubt any of those things happens.

Eric said...

There's no reason Randle can't commit. They'll have until next year to work out the scholarship arrangement. If he wants to come to Purdue, a scholarship will be found.

As far as this post is concerned, I'm glad to see you guys have had a chance to clear your head about the injury. That post on Saturday about Purdue no longer making noise on the national scene was a bit much.

The man behind the mic said...

There's no doubt we will be good! Well said! I made the same comments in my blog too! We don't have to shift on the fly! We will be prepared!!! - jeremyarm " the man behind the mic"

boilerup3 said...

This team win still win the national championship. Why? Because the entire Purdue nation is and will be behind them every game for the entire season. This team will be backed by something unexplainable, similar to the Saints this past season. Were the Saints the best team? No. But playing for an entire city helped push them through adversity and on to be Super Bowl champions. Now I'm not saying Hummel's injury is the same as Hurricane Katrina. But I do promise as a member of Paint Crew that Mackey Arena will be the loudest it's ever been. There will be times during the Michigan State game that Dickie V will just have to sit back because there's no way even he will be able to yell over the noise. This team still believes in each other, and we need to believe in them.

J Money said...

Eric...agreed. It didn't represent the general consensus here and was edited shortly thereafter.