Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boilermakers Freight-Train Alcorn State By A Double Nickel

The Boilermakers curb-stomped Alcorn State simply for having the nerve to show up at Mackey tonight, crushing them 103-48.

This was the largest margin of victory for Purdue basketball since 1983. Yes, long before any of the students on Purdue's campus (except you late bloomers) were born. That's a historic win, ladies and gentlemen.

And you can say all you want that it "was just Alcorn State." Yes, I get that. It was just Alcorn. But they're still a Division 1 school and you still have to beat the bad teams you play. Beating bad teams is not a given, as Tennessee learned against Indianapolis in the preseason and almost learned against Cuonzo Martin's Missouri State team tonight

Purdue not only handled their business, they did it in, as mentioned, historic fashion. The starters were really only in for the first half and even then none of them played a full 20 minutes of action. The game was 59-17 at the half. Chew on that for a second. Up forty-two points at halftime.

Purdue had their walk-ons in the game with eight minutes to go. EIGHT MINUTES. And even then, Alcorn could only close to 55 points and only mustered a 28% shooting percentage. Yes, that's partly them not being good... but it's also smothering defense by Purdue.

Other thoughts:

Bad, Bad, Bade -- Seemingly everybody's favorite punching bag, Patrick showed a little pizzazz on a breakaway dunk in the first half. He slammed it home with two hands and then swung on the rim. It didn't look that bad, he didn't scream in anyone's face, etc., yet he was called for a technical. I'm fine with that. Show some fire, Patrick. As they went back downcourt, Smooge smiled at him and said something and took the back of Bade's head in his hand in that, "Come here, son," manner. I liked that for some reason. Just a senior saying something to a younger guy.

E'Twaun Will Get Some Crap For This -- Midway through the first half, Smooge tried to do a two-handed jam of his own... and managed to miss. You just know he's going to catch crap about that from the other guys. 

JJ Channeling His Inner John Hart -- JJ hit his first collegiate three-pointer tonight, at least according to the BTN. He's taken so many long-range 19-footers, it's amazing he's never had a three. And as I said on the Handsome Hour, I'd be fine with him not taking another one all year. We need him inside, owning the low post. And I think he knows that. In a game like this, you just can't help but have some fun.

Sharing The Rock -- Twelve guys scored tonight for Purdue. Twelve. Out of 13. The only guy who didn't score was Bubba Day and he had a few good chances. And of the 12 who did score, none of them had fewer than three points. That is just incredible. What a team effort.

Relentless -- I loved the ongoing hustle by the team tonight, even up 50+. Matt Painter apparently told his guys they were all playing for minutes and you could tell. They hustled the whole night, which is what they'll need to do all season. Another indicator of this relentlessness was the fact that Purdue only hit 7 threes tonight. A lot of times when you run up the score, you do so with a barrage of big shots. Not tonight. Just relentless pressure at both ends.

There's a lot of positive things that could be said about tonight's game but there's really no need to gush any further. Purdue owned this one from start to finish, which is what you do against bad teams when you're a very, very good team. Let's hope the pollsters find it in their hearts to not drop Purdue again as they did after Sunday, when Purdue "only" rolled by 36. Maybe 55 will get some attention.


zlionsfan said...

Great teams are more likely to crush weak teams than good teams are: sometimes the only difference is that the great teams know they need to come out at 100% and not stop, and the good teams sometimes think they can turn it on when they need to.

This is a good sign: blow out a weak team, get everyone in the game and get them involved, put it away early and leave no doubt. 17 points allowed in the first half ... that is a Matt Painter team, that's for sure.

I hope they keep this up through the soft part of the non-conference schedule. That should keep them focused for the tough parts ...

Matthew said...

Just another point on the Bade slam I was on the floor taking photos for the exponent, and I saw lew jack motion with his hands hanging on to the rim and just fooling around with Bade. I think in mackey knew it was the wrong call.

BG said...

Two games

45 Rebounds
51 Rebounds

Last year we only had 3 games all year with more then 40 and we got out rebounded by 4 the first game of the year.

I'm liking our two new Bigs.

Benjamin said...

Marcius needs mention by name. He displayed some great touch around the bucket, the ability to put the ball in the hole, and the ability to run the court. Him and Carrol down low next year are going to be a terror. This year - rebounds and easy buckets... good stuff.

Bloomington.Boiler said...

Can E'twaun jump very high? I know he had a sick dunk against Iowa last year, and the one handed alley-oop this year, but I've never thought he could "sky".

And, Marcius is GOOD! I'm so pleasantly surprised.

Eric said...

Anxious to see this team tested. This soft schedule is good for the young guys and will help settle the rotation. But, I'd really like to see how they react under some pressure. I'm glad they pasted Alcorn State. They should have and, thus did. But count me among those who think it's a shame this game was scheduled at all.

Plang said...

The pollsters won't give Purdue any love for pistol-whipping the likes of Alcorn State. They already have it in their mind that Purdue is some place between 15 and 25 in the polls, and that's where they will stay until they start beating ranked teams.

And I'm okay with that.

dozer8589 said...

Season after season, I have been frustrated with Purdue's reluctance to put their foot on someone's throat and leave it there. Basketball and football alike have always seemed to play to the level of their competition.

I am thrilled to see the Boilers abuse a less talented opponent. (I was also all about DeVarro Greaves yapping before the Michigan game.) I think "attitude" has been a major ingredient missing for years.

Good win, Boilers. Keep it up.

PWS said...

I say screw the rankings this year. We all know they mean nothing in terms of winning (or losing for that matter). Griping about them only shows insecurity...Let's be the first school to not care about anything except the next team Purdue will beat...revolutionary, I know, to in essence make the likes of Katz obsolete. He has a job because we care about what he writes...Let's simply not care...Respect is best served after winning...

dozer8589 said...

PWS = Point. Well. Said.

paulo said...

Nicely put, PWS. Count me in!