Thursday, November 04, 2010

The BS Men's Basketball Shirt -- Get one NOW!

Here they are, the long-awaited Boiled Sports shirts for the men's basketball season.

For those who had the luxury of getting a Marve-lous shirt earlier this fall, know that these shirts are of the same high-quality (and we're actually not being sarcastic -- they're really nice shirts) and material.

They are black (uh, obviously) and we have both mens and womens cuts available on our ecrater site.

The front of the shirt:

Quoting our fearless leader Matty Painter, "Our goals haven't changed." And "The mission remains the same."

The back of the shirt:

Featuring a mission patch designed by the handsome men of Boiled Sports (well, really, B-dowd, but I like to take credit for things he does). The patch features and Indiana-to-Texas basketball graphic, captains Smooge and JJ as well as Commander Matty and "Mission: Houston 2011." 

Think how awesome this will look in Mackey Arena this winter. Get yours now for $18, including shipping to the United States. We ship several times a week so you can almost always expect yours within a week. However, if you have an urgent need (and yes, sometimes people do), you can send us a note and we can arrange something for you. 

CHOO-CHOO, muthas!!


David said...

the last time you guys made a shirt, the guy tore his ACL. Hope this isn't doom for JJ and Smooge

boilerdowd said...

We also had Bolden & Smith shirts made...never sold one. A few years ago, the Landry/Teague shirts were awesome too.

finntastica said...

I'd hate to see Painter get injured.

David said...

don't worry, I still got one...

boilerdowd said...

David- it's on the way. Thanks for the order!