Monday, November 15, 2010

Reading Playboy For The Articles

So in our inbox this afternoon we get a friendly tip from a helpful junior publicist that Playboy's December issue, which is just hitting newsstands, contains their college preview. And that in that college preview, they've named Purdue their #1 team and national champion for 2011.

Wow. Fantastic. Finally, a big media outlet that gets it! Giving Purdue their due!

So I open the PDF of the article he provided and scan it, eagerly anticipating their analysis. And I find this:

Who will win it all? The Boilermakers from Purdue. The team's nucleus -- Robbie Hummel, E'Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson -- have seemingly played together since the Truman administration. And 2011 is the year the trio will finally stay injury free, perhaps blessed with good health from above by the recently departed John Wooden, a Purdue alum, which should propel them to the national championship. 


Oh, I see. You haven't yet heard.

I do like that Playboy thinks Purdue will win the national championship because John Wooden recently died. Hell, I guess that's as good an analysis as any you'll get on ESPN, with buffoons wearing mascot heads or yelling "DOINK!"


Jon said...

Apparently not even the editors of Playboy read it for the articles.

zlionsfan said...

From what I understand, articles for monthly magazines have to be written well in advance, like in the old days when it actually took a long time to put a magazine together. So it probably hasn't occurred to them that something might change and perhaps they should change their processes.

I might be wrong, though. Let me go back and look through that issue one more time just to be sure I didn't miss anything.

Jeffobocko said...

Blessed with good health by someone who just died? Or cursed with bad health by someone who just died? Or John Wooden's death probably had no effect on the current team.

Or did it?

No, it did not.


Yes, pretty sure.

Benjamin said...

Wait, there was an article on this page?

J Money said...

I actually sent a note to the PR guy thanking him for the heads up and politely asking if they were aware Rob blew his knee out a month ago.

He replied that yes, they knew, but the issue went to press a day or so later. Now, remember, Rob's injury was public knowledge on October 16. So I'm assuming by the Playboy guy's answer meant that the December issue went to press on October 18.

No wonder the print media is dying a slow death.