Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Shhhhhhh...Exhibition Game.

Got to listen to tonight's game and took away a couple things:

-Kelsey Barlow should be very happy that no one cares about these games. I can't find the final stats anywhere, but he had at least 6 turnovers. Coming in, Painter thought of Barlow as a shoe-in to start in the coming games due his excellent play in practice...He was far from excellent this evening.

-The tip-off was delayed because Uof I was late...it was probably because of the inclement weather. Oh wait, nevermind.

-Moore and Johnson both played well in limited minutes.

-Lots of weird combos on the court...lots of people played.

-All three Johnsons (Terone Anthony, JaJuan) played at one time and Cliz was super-confused on how to differentiate the three. I guess he never thought it would happen.

-Purdue won by 23 and shot too many three pointers (not sure how many...can't find stats anywhere). Final Score was 82-59.

-We'll have a more-detailed look at tonight's contest either tonight or tomorrow as a guest will be writing a few eye-witness thoughts down for us.


Ryan F said...

A few comments from my observations at the game tonight:

-Barlow definitely looked out of it. Struggled to finish at the rim, made a few illadvised passes that resulted in turnovers, and made a boneheaded behind the back pass near midcourt that got intercepted.

-Travis Carrol looks a step slow--similar to Bade last season--but I think most of us expected that.

-Bade looked two steps faster than last year. Had several good defensive plays (raced back after he turned the ball over to swat away a transition layup) and made a few nice midrange jumpers

-Anthony and Terone Johnson will be both be able to contribute this year

-Smith and Hart were not gun-shy and made several shots each

-DJ Byrd probably won't replace Chris Kramer, but it won't be for lack of effort. He played like the Big Ten title was on the line tonight, and made several great hustle plays.

-JaJuan and E'twaun did their thing tonight and look to have not missed a bit. JaJuan finished with heavy contact a few times showing his new strength.

-Lewjack played well and managed the game effectively. Shot free throws better, but didn't show much of a jump shot.

Matt Shobe said...

If LewJack, Bade, and at least one other unexpected source of bigtime hustle can emerge, that will go some way toward replacing what Robbie was expected to bring every night. The more time this team can spend playing together in its current configuration, before the games start to count, the better.

Anonymous said...

Barlow had 6 Turnovers. Overall we shot 21 3s and hit 7. Stats are available at http://www.purduesports.com/gametracker/launch/gt_mbaskbl.html?event=918309&school=pur&sport=mbaskbl&camefrom=&startschool=& or here http://www.purduesports.com/sports/m-baskbl/stats/2010-2011/pu110210.html