Monday, November 22, 2010

You Can Crack IU's Nuts For Half-Price

You, too, can teabag IU.

It's Oaken Bucket week and some lonely purchasing manager at Hobby Lobby is in deep doo-doo. Reader Anna sent in this photo, taken at a Lafayette Hobby Lobby a week before Thanksgiving. 

So I guess either Hobby Lobby has more IU nutcrackers than they could possibly hope to sell...OR they expect Purdue to slaughter IU on Saturday and want to move them as fast as possible...OR they realized that they're in fricking Lafayette

Either way, what better way to spend the holidays than saying "Eat DEEZ NUTS, IU!" every time you put one in this guy's chopper.


BoilerUpAT said...

Wife and I saw those at HL. I was upset because there was only 1 Purdue one left, that was damaged so I didn't buy it. They had like 30 IU one's left.

She said "Hey, look at it this way-at least all the good ones were bought by someone, and these are still sitting here"

She is so wise.

BoilerUpAT said...

PS-I live in Fort Wayne.

Apparently there were 50 of each, and all the Purdue had sold out. That was over a month ago........


Mark said...

Please offer a comment on Purdue's losing 2 recruits to IU for 13'.

My optimism for the program is about gone. IU, Illini, MSU, Minny, Wiscy all seem to be hitting recruiting beyond us.

Was Painter a one and done recruiting wonder? Sure we're getting good players, but we need 2 great classes to stay at FF potential, IMHO.

boilerdowd said...

Mark- I think it's fair to be concerned...I think it's also fair to think something funny is going on in Bloomington. All of a sudden Tom Crean's become the most popular person in world with young boys (wait, what?)...and nothing has changed in his program.

I have a hard time commenting about recruits that are a few years off- there are so many variables...and talking about these kids only perpetuates the current situation in basketball recruiting, which I'm not a fan of.

Before you jump off of a bridge and give up on the program, remember Painter has two top-100 players in the class of '12 that could both be instant-impact players. Plus, Kyle Molock was "streaking" as a recruit before his injury and is a top-150 player.

The loss of Dawson was the most-painful one, obviously. But, I thought Hartman was leaning toward Purdue, so that definitely smarts. His AAU tie-in was probably the catalyst that got him to IU. Smotherman would be a good get...but I haven't heard a lean from him.

The really bad news is that it might get worse in the very near future as whispers tell me Ferrell is leaning toward Crean...and that class would officially be monstrous for Crean.

The good thing is there is still time until they arrive on campus. The bad news is Matty has seemingly lost all momentum recruiting...and needs a victory.

BoilerPaulie said...

Mark & bdowd,

One word: Scholarships.

I realize it's much more complicated than that, but one just needs a quick look at how few scholarships we have to offer for the next two years. We can have two very special seasons between now and then, too, leaving room for leaners to swing our way.

But I generally try to ignore the recruiting hubbub until they submit their official letters of intent. So I'll probably return to my general blank stare related to recruiting after this post...

-ps.. my word: dessfute.