Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fact Fondue - Michigan Wolverines

The Wolverine's have invited us into their den to enjoy another potential molestation at the hand/legs of Shoelaces.

Can Hope ride the win and beat Michigan at home again?
  • While West Lafayette is built round Purdue, UofM was built into Ann Arbor. University buildings include old family residences that were essentially absorbed by the ever expanding campus
  • Originally founded in 1817 in Detroit
  • Fritz Crisler designed the first Winged Helmet. For Princeton. Where he coached before taking the AD position at U of M. The 109,901th seat in the football stadium is reserved for him\
  • The Big House
    • The Notre Dame game this year was the first home night game in the history of U of M football
    • Since 1975, every home game has had more than 100,000 attendees. The last time they didn't? October 25, 1975 against Indiana.
    • The original Big House cost 1/5 of what this weekend's ticket revenue will be
    • No woman had ever stepped foot on the field until 1968 - officially
  • Famous Alumni
    • Larry Page
    • Bill Ayers
    • Jack Kevorkian
    • Gerald Ford
    • Arthur Miller
    • James Earl Jones
    • Tom Brady
    • Michael Phelps


J Money said...

No fondue this week?

J_Moore said...

No women on the field? Another reason for me to hate Michigan.

Erin said...

Not to be that annoying know it all, but Michael Phelps is not an alumni from Michigan "Phelps joined Bowman at Michigan to train and even took a few classes but did not pursue a degree." Just trying to keep you honest :)

THuff said...

Technically Phelps did take a few classes at UofM in Sports Marketing and Management and he also swam on their club team -

If U of M has the same definition of Alumni as we do, he's an Alum.

Tarkington never graduated because his love interest got involved with the mayor (?) of Lafayette, but we're so proud of his two Pulitzers that we name him an alum. It's been a while since I read my tour script, so this part may be a little murky.

Erin said...

Okay, I always thought in order to be an alum you had to actually graduate. So does this mean I should of just paid for one year of Purdue and called myself an alum to get jobs? I kid...

J Money said...

Erin, I always thought that, too. But technically the definition of alumni is having attended.