Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fact Fondue - The Hawkeyes

The final game in gold and black for the seniors in front of the R-A faithful. Purdue ends the season at home with a chance to make a bowl game and a chance to take their rivals behind the shed to get to a better location and time.

For once, no embarrassing picture, this is just too awesome.

For now, the other farm boys are getting the 'Can-o-Kerosene' under their hides.

  • The two teams haven't met since 2008; three years ago this week  Iowa won by 5
  • Purdue hasn't won a senior day since IU in 2008 - The 62 to 10
  • Official colors are Black and Old Gold...
    • Established in 1847, no source found for when they adopted colors
    • We did not copy their colors, we stole the idea of Princeton's orange and black, but the trustees thought orange was hideous.
  • Established less than 2 months after Iowa was made a state
    • called State University of Iowa, not called University of Iowa until 1964
  • First state university to recognize GLBTQ individuals and admit women at an equal rate as men
  • I feel bad including this, but I have never heard this fact and I don't think many of you have either - highlight to read if you would like
    • Lesser known victim of a campus shooting in 1991, shooter felt his doctorate dissertation should have been praised higher
  • In 2009 - tied with Purdue and UConn for 66th best school in the US
  • The Iowa river flows through campus
  • In 2010 - Princeton's Review rated Iowa the 4th best party school in the nation
  • The mascot is Herky the Hawk
    • '97 - Tossed water on a Minnesota band member during below freezing temperatures; was rewarded by getting in a fist fight with another band member and breaking the 40 year old mascot head which the Minnesota band took pieces of as trophies
    • 2010 - the Captain America picture from above debuted against MSU
  • Hawkeyes name comes from the book Last of the Mohicans 
  • Kinnick football stadium is named for Iowa's lone Heisman winner who died in a training flight during WWII
  • In 1970, the university asked the Steelers for permission to model their uniforms after the Pittsburgh Steelers unis


ATL_Boilers said...

So stoked for this game... this team (read: coaching) has been madening to watch/follow this year (especially the trip I made to Houston) but I'm stil behind the guys.

Best part about this week is that it's dress down week and I'm rocking my Marve-lous t-shirt at work today.

Erin said...

Reading on my iPad. What's the highlighted fact?

MrAnonymous said...

@Erin - a school shooting.

COD said...

In Bloglines the hidden text is not hidden.

THuff said...

I have it highlighted so it will be blocked out on our page. The warning is still there for those who may want to skip over it.

Anonymous said...

In reality, the gold they sport is closer to sweetcorn yellow than gold. By the by, thee little woman has a co-worker who is a huge Iowa fan, However!!, big surprise, he never went there. You can group Hawkeye fan with Husker fan and IU basketball fan as super annoying when they say "we" when referring to "their" team even though they never attended.

Aquidneck Island Boilermaker said...

"There is no reason in the world why we shouldn't fight for the preservation of a chance to live freely, no reason why we shouldn't suffer to uphold that which we want to endure. May God give me the courage to do my duty and not falter." --Nile Kinnick before he went in the Navy. Probably the best thing ever to come from Iowa football and certainly in the top of the Big Ten.

Robert said...

I always thought Iowa's colors were bumblebee yellow and block.

All in all the U of I is a lot like IU.

boiler stuck in Iowa for 35 years.