Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ho Hum: Danny Hope Continues Domination of OSU, 26-23

Well, now, that would have been an awesome game in the SEC....amirite?? ESPN would have talked about it for two weeks.

Our Boilers did exactly what we asked of them in our predicto -- they proved us wrong. And we're giddy about it. No matter how you feel about things, it's a hell of a lot more fun to watch wins than losses and beating good teams is also something that gives you, as a fan, a measure of satisfaction. And yes, make no mistake, OSU is a good team. No, they're not field-rush-worthy, but hey, who is anyone to tell the Purdue fans who actually showed up what they should be allowed to do after beating Ohio State...again?

Danny Hope is now 2-0 officially against Ohio State with last year's games being vacated by OSU in the wake of the Tressel/Pryor tattoo nonsense. And he's legitimately undefeated against them at home. What is it about Ohio State that this program game-plans well for? Because over the past six years, Purdue is now 3-3 against the Bucknuts. Not many programs can say that.

The defense did what T-Mill (and all of us, honestly) asked them to do -- they stacked the box and dared OSU to throw. And Braxton Miller tried to oblige. Despite throwing for well under 50% completion percentage, he did manage two TDs through the air and nearly led the Bucks to a last-minute victory. But Bruce Gaston blocked yet another kick for the Boilers to keep the game tied at 20-20.

The Boilers then moved to midfield and I'm sure I wasn't the only one thinking this might finally be the logical time to have Carson Wiggs try a 60+ yard field goal -- and then Robert Marve threw a terrible INT to close regulation. But Robert stood tall and the coaching staff, to their credit, stuck with him. He rewarded their faith by leading the Boilers in for the winning score in OT. I don't care how you feel about the QB situation or who should or should not be starting, but I think you have to feel good for Robert Marve. This guy finally gets his chance to shine and lead these guys and he pulled it off. Good for him.

To that point, we don't see how Marve can't start the next two games -- or at least the Iowa game.  He's earned that much and has looked better leading this team in crunch time, in our opinion.

B-dowd will be along later to provide his on-the-scene report as we were fortunate to have tickets in the high rollers area thanks to generous BS benefactor Ed. But I spoke to him as he was driving down 65 getting back to Indy for a dinner he needs to get to (the BS boys are in high demand -- book early!) and he said on the post-game radio show, they were still looking for Danny Hope 30-45 minutes after the game. They kept saying he was still down on the field with the fans. Our observation there? Danny Hope loves being coach so much and loves this program so much that he wanted to personally thank every one of them that was there. Gotta love him for that.

On that subject, those of you pining for Coach Hope to be replaced, I think you're going to have to get used to him for at the very least another year. This team is now 5-5, with two very winnable games remaining and really now has little excuse not to get to a bowl game. And not to go all H&R on you, but is it so crazy to think that Purdue actually could beat Iowa at home, IU on the road...and the bowl opponent if they got a good draw? That would be eight wins, folks. I don't think it's going to happen, but it's suddenly not complete nonsense. Amazing.

We're done trying to figure out what's going to happen with this team. I said a couple weeks ago that if they beat OSU that they would find a way to lose to Iowa the following week. That wouldn't shock me one bit and Purdue did actually match up well with what OSU's offense does (or doesn't do). But now it at least makes next weekend a game against Our Most Hated Rival with a lot riding on it. This class of seniors could clinch their first bowl game on senior day.

Enjoy it, everyone. Choo choo, muthas.


THuff said...

Yea, I rushed the field. Against an unranked team.

Come at me!

We deserved that rush. This isn't Minnesota in basketball; this is a capable football team that would been much less tarnished had they had all their players all year and even Posey was still out today.

We deserved to rush because we showed that a program who does things the right way can still win at the end of the day.

We didn't rush when we beat Illinois, we saved it for when it mattered.

boileraae said...

Rushing the field. Really?? That just shows the state of Purdue football.... I don't care if the opponent "should be a better team", the fact of the matter is that it was a mediocre, unranked OSU. I'm THRILLED we beat the Buckeyes! Not thrilled that it pretty much guarantees another year of schizophrenic play on the field.

Anonymous said...

My only comment on rushing the field is that I've never done it before and I'm jealous.

I'm firmly in the "Danny Hope must go" camp, but he's almost worth keeping around if he can beat OSU every year. The fact of the matter is he beat Illinois and OSU this year, and those are two great wins. If we get to a bowl game and compete (perhaps even win) then I suppose he's earned the right to keep his job. The fact that he's a such a great guy, with incredible enthusiasm, makes it impossible to actually dislike him, which is a huge plus in his campaign to keep his job. The play calling is still suspect (I'm looking at you, Nord) and I don't think it would be too controversial to demand some new coaching blood on the sidelines. If he gets us to 7 wins this season, we will have exceeded my expectations and I'll promise to go into next season with an open mind with him as our head coach. 6 wins and I go into next season wary. 5 wins and I'm dusting off my pitchfork (nickname: "The Colletto").

Anonymous said...

Guess I better listen next week when we go through the seven wins "scenarios" on the call. Anybody who can figure this team out is a lot smarter than I am. Agree with the second poster, thrilled for the players, not sure I can stomach another year of Hope but I will try.
How about Gaston and Holland?

Unknown said...

I personally LIKE Danny Hope. LOVE his enthusiasm. I thought his hiring was a great move. I was wrong.

Great win yesterday. But it doesn't erase the three straight MAC losses, the Indiana loss last year, the 7+ penalties per game that reflect poor coaching, the inability to adjust as the opponents adjust as the game unfolds, and the talent that is so obviously held back by terrible coaching decisions on game day. Talent-wise this is a 9 win team.

I WILL not cheer to lose. But wins like this are just a bit tarnished because I suspect they are the exception rather than the rule.

zlionsfan said...

I've rushed the field before ... 1986, when 2-8 Purdue "upset" 6-5 Indiana to keep the Bucket. I dunno, the spirit factor is nice, but it's really pretty dangerous, and that's even if you're smart enough to stay away from the goalposts.