Friday, November 04, 2011

Predicto - The Wisky Badgers

The Boilers venture back to Madison, the site of a brutal beating they were subjected to in the first college game Caleb TerBush ever started. Can the Boilers exact revenge? 

Predicto Starts, Now!

Wisky; Makers, All


I don't like this game; no one had this marked as a 'win' at the beginning of the year and that hasn't really changed. They are only marginally higher ranked than Illinois when we beat them. At Home. With miracle Homecoming magic. Wisconsin is not a team to sleep on and anyone who does is ignorant.

Man, we've got some great rushers huh? Forget it. Monte Ball will melt the faces off of even the most talented Defensive Line. Needless to say, This worries me a lot. I expect Wilson to tear us apart through the air when needed, but we will probably see Ball take it to the house more often than not. None of these kids are going to want to drop out of the top 25, especially at home.

On our side, we're a little burned from how Ann Arbor turned out, but can we turn that into energy for a win? We couldn't keep the Illini momentum rolling last week, but this team loves adversity after all. TerBush will likely see the entire game after Marve's unfortunate drive last week. Caleb has the team on his side it seems, might as well give it a whirl.

Oh wait, this is Danny Hope. Marve will be out there at least 20% of the snaps.

I don't see us getting another 46 yard scamper with this talented secondary, but I could be wrong.

It's going to be ugly, but I think they will be gentle.

Purdue 17
Wisky Dick 39

Tim, The Gentlest Lover of Any Large Man We've Ever Known:

I've been dreading this game ever since it was announced as being on national television. How many times do I really want the nation to see Purdue get trounced? The answer? Zero times. Unfortunately Notre Dame did just that and I fear Wisconsin is going to do even worse. Coming off back to back heart breakers, the Badgers are likely to run up the score in this one. However, the winds might align just right [Winds can align? -- J] and the Badgers could be feeling a little fragile at this point. Purdue is well aware of their role as underdog, so there's at least a chance for an upset. It may be 1 in a million, but it's a chance. Of course, the more likely outcome is probably along the lines of 79-0. BUT, there is a chance and at this point I'll take that because coming off the Notre Dame loss there was no chance at all.

Purdue 14
THE University of Wisconsin 42


If you're a regular, you probably have heard us refer to games as "Sharpie games." This was coined by Boilerdowd back in 2007 and then mis-used by Seth Davis starting in about 2010. Anyway, a Sharpie game is a game you can write the "W" or, as we usually reference it, the "L" in Sharpie because there is no doubt. With Purdue football, it was often pretty easy to Sharpie the losses -- they were easy to see coming and very predictable. Danny Hope, to his credit (I guess) is less predictable. As such, we actually haven't pulled out the Sharpie in quite a while.

To my recollection, the last time we felt Sharpie-ish was the Ohio State game in 2009 -- and we know how that turned out. A rare incorrect Sharpie call. However, sadly, here we are in 2011 and facing a Wisconsin team who, for the entire season, we have genuinely feared (we being us, not the team). As we've said, we really like how Coach Hope gets these guys fired up for certain games and how they don't back down (witness the jawing and facemask grabbing away from the play between UM's receivers and Purdue's DBs last week) from anybody.

What I'm saying is that I fully expect our boys to go out there and put forth the effort and do their best to execute the game plan. However, Wisconsin needs this win a lot -- it probably would have been better for Purdue if Wisconsin had been undefeated at this point; more chance of being overlooked. Instead, I think you'll see a very focused Badger team, who will be eager to lay the wood to somebody after two gut-wrenching defeats. It's unfortunate that our Boilers are in their path.

Purdue 16
Wisconsin 47

What they lack in class,
they make up in...
liver function

I just got finished writing a prediction for the guys over at so my thoughts are fresh and organized...and the more I think about this game, the less I like it.

I watched Danny Hope's TV show yesterday, and am positive the view from his sideline post showed him a different game than what I saw on TV at UM...and that's what bothers me.  Sure, the good guys held Robinson in check for chunks of the game, but the defense couldn't stop any of UM's running backs and there wasn't enough pressure put on him to stop him from throwing strikes to the middle of the field.

Wisconsin has better RBs, a better passing QB (who can run by the way) and a better offensive line.

On the other side of the ball, while they've struggled versus desperation passes and against the run a bit, they're probably a better defense than UM too. If Wisconsin gets out in front by a lot early, it'll play right into the Badgers' hands as Nord and Co. will abandon the run at that point.  I'm not excited about this game...but will be watching and pulling for the good guys just the same.

Purdue 10
Wisconsin 53


CaryNW87 said...

Hope, Nord and co are KO'd by food poisoning from bad cheese curds. Desperate for replacements, Tiller is flown in to be HC/OC, and Rod Woodson takes DC duties.

Inspired by capable coaches with big game experience/success, the Boilers play a balls-to-the-wall-what-the-heck-let's-see-what-happens game, shocking a rabid Camp Randall crowd into silence with a 7 point halftime lead. They hold on to make headlines on a last-second Wiggs record-breaker.

Purdue 24
Wisconsin 21

The Accidental Expat said...

Went to a sports bar with my local alumni group to see the ND game (the UND fans there were surprisingly old and quiet); went with the same group as guests of the UM alum association (who, to their credit, were quite polite). Purdue got pantsed both times, but I fear those games won't hold a candle to this one. I'm really happy I'm going to watch this one in the comfort of my own home without the obnoxo Badgers fans in attendance. Bielema isn't exactly known for tact or compassion, and I suspect he will pissed off enough to keep his foot on the gas until well into the 4th quarter. In the words of a famous wrestler, this one will be a clubbering. UW wins 41-14 in a laugher. I have never wanted to be so wrong.

L2F said...

I am assuming that after the last two week's Beilema is fairly upset with his team's record and I can imagine his pre game speech involving the line "Score on every drive." That said, this is going to be ugly. 59 UW - 14 Purdue.

Oh and favorite quote of the week goes to running backs coach Cornell Jackson. "The key thing in fumbling -- just don't forget you've got it," running backs coach Cornell Jackson said. "Some guys forget that they've got it. The key is to remember you've got the ball."

Maybe someone should remind Danny Hope that key to winning is stopping the other team when on defense while moving the ball towards the end zone when on offense.

zlionsfan said...

The nice thing about this game is that it's in Madison, so there won't be hordes of obnoxious Wisconsin fans in the streets of West Lafayette following the game.

I would love to see the Boilers give Wisconsin a third consecutive late-game defeat, but I can't see how they can keep the game close to set up that scenario. I see lots of scoring, and not by the good guys.

Purdue 14
Wisconsin 51

BoilerRick said...

My biggest hope is that the team bus breaks down on I65 and a big snowstorm hits the Badger stadium.
I alwyas watch and hope but this is one of those games that I will record and sneak a look at the score before watching it. I'll watch it if they lose by less than 30, but 59-0 won't make it.

Scruffy_P said...

Purdue - Yay it's basketball season!
Wisconsin - 59


BTFUSC said...

Well said Scruffy_P...well said

Aquidneck Island Boilermaker said...

Purdue covers the 26 point spread and I make enough money to pay for the beer, wings and cab fare home. 42-21

Mommatried said...

It saddens me that this has become the reality of Purdue football...the loyal fan base facing reality and predicting blow outs to B1G opponents. Since when is expecting to lose by 40 acceptable? I beg of you- let your voices be heard- and not just on this site. This site is great but Purdue doesn't like it and I don't think they too much care about comments made call your AD and tell him exactly what you think of our situation. In doing so you will probably be MORE pissed off after the conversation than before as Morgan has a way of working his magic that way. Please, somebody...make it stop. No more bad football. No more poor decisions. No more out schemed, out couched, out adjusted, out played, embarrassing football.

CalTravelGuy said...

The point spread is Vegas code for "You may as well be called Lafayette Community College" and, when the game is over and Badger fans are dancing, Danny Hope will be proud of his team's losing effort. Will you be?

I'll be at the Rose Bowl watching ASU @ UCLA and I won't be DVRing this mess.

It's time for Purdue hoops

Deliriously said...

Where did you find the black and gold Makers Mark?

BoilerBloodline said...

The Makers Mark pic looks like it may have been taken at Harry's? I wonder if their Makers Mark rep hooked them up? Pretty cool if so.

QuadBoiler said...

It was available in liquor stores around West Lafayette for a short period of time about 4 years ago. It might be an annual thing but I only saw it the one time.