Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Purdue vs North State - Viewing information

Mackey Arena is ready to welcome our boys back to the hardwood lead by their war torn hero - Robbie Hummel. It was brought to my attention as I sit here at Pappy's wearing my constantly outdated #4 jersey - seriously, I'm tired of buying jerseys - that tonight's game will NOT be on BTN.

It will only be shown on BTN All Access. Great right? Wait, it's $15 bucks for a month? For a college student within a stone's throw of Harry's, I can't afford that so we've chased down a promotional code for the loyal readers:

One month free, autorenewal (unless you cancel) Requires Credit Card
Disclaimer - If you love getting easy access to a bunch of Purdue sports online, including press conferences, some marque games, etc Do not hesitate to keep your membership! It's a great way to watch Olympic sports networks may not show as well.

So if you're ready to watch the man who is too strong for his ACL's return to a brand new Keady Court, but can't be bothered to pay: We got you.
This; you are getting this for free.


J Money said...

Makes me wonder if there's a way BS could pay for a subscription and then share the login info. They're probably too smart for that, though, right?

THuff said...

If they are anything like Netflix it's probably limited to one stream per account at a time.

You could however buy it and then cap the video and upload it through Justin.TV, but that's when the FCC comes to your door with guns.

Also, posting the code isn't illegal, sharing an account would be.

J Money said...

You and your rules.

Oh, and hats off to the BTN for making it hard and cost-ineffective to see our Boilers! Thanks!

Purdue Matt said...

I believe its being aired on BTN tomorrow at 4pm.

BoilerRick said...

Purdue Matt is correct, Big Ten channel will show tonightsgame at 4PM Wed

Scruffy_P said...

Side note, what jokers are voting "
4 more wins" in the current poll? What drugs are they on? And, where can I acquire these drugs?

Mackey West said...


WZZY 98.3

Game is on live for free..Enjoy

dasMetzger said...

streams in that link do not work. as in none (read: zero) of them

dasMetzger said...

this works


boiler2000CE said...
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