Friday, December 23, 2011

Chryst to Pitt, Crist to Kansas, Christ to Earth

Pitt's new coach a gifted offensive mind
-A few years ago, it looked like Purdue would hire Wisconsin OC Paul Chryst.  Instead, Burke and the committee hired Hope.  Now, Chryst will be heading to coach Pitt.  An interesting bi-product of the hire is Purdue looks like a few of the recruits that were iffy on their decision to go to steel town have reaffirmed their commitment to the Panthers.  Hope's recruiting class did get another Olineman this week...which is something we at BS have been hoping and asking Santa for.
God's favorite team wasn't a good fit for Crist
-Dayne Crist, the nation's best QB out of high school has officially left UND after some rocky seasons in the armpit of Lake Michigan South Bend.  Crist will join fellow football god, Charlie Weis at Kansas for his final season of eligibility.  Look for the Jayhawks to win the World Championship...or at least the national championship...or at least the Big 12 Championship...or at least be state champs...nevermind, KState and their whipper snapper coach might keep them from doing that.

-Merry Christmas, everybody.  A little over 2000 years ago, my Savior was born.  I love the feeling of this time of year- kids waiting for Santa, the twinkling lights and time with family.  But the real reason for this season is still the first six letters of the day, Christ.

I hope you and your family have a great few days off.  Students, don't wear out your welcome at home...old people, enjoy the worthless bowl games, over-eating and tacky ties and sweaters.  If you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a good couple of days too with your family.  If you're offended by me using the word Christmas, tough crap.  When my Jewish pals wished me a Happy Hanukkah when I lived back east quite regularly...I always appreciated it for what it was- a well-wish to someone with hope they have the same special feelings this time of year that they have.

I feel blessed, even with Purdue choking away games on the hardwood and going to a pretty meaningless bowlgame because of the things that I don't talk about on this site very often.  I hope you do too.

The real gift of the season


TMMSports said...

The reports out of Pittsburgh, and from Barry Alvarez himself, were that Chryst actually turned down the Purdue job, back in 2008. (If only we could have avoided Hopeletto...)

Recruits were waiting on the new coaching hire, before deciding, but many of the key recruits have already stated (less than a day after the hiring) that they are still committed to Pitt, because they like the new hire.

Proof that if there is a change, and you make a subsequent, well-respected hire, the recruits who still want to attend your university and play, will still come

Are you reading and watching the college football news, Morgan Burke?

Headphones_on said...

^ Hopeletto >>> Hopeless. Great nickname

BG said...

Best post I've ever read on here :) God bless and Merry Christmas

BoilerPaulie said...

Merry Christmas, gentlemen!

boilerdowd said...

Good news indeed, BG.