Monday, January 02, 2012

Freethrows, DCs and Luck (Tuesday Gumbo)

We've talked about Purdue's free throw shooting woes once or ten times this season...and from the look and feel of it, things aren't getting better.  Matty's squad shot in the low-mid 70 percentile range for much of the season last year.  This year, it's been the upper 50s to low 60s...a notable and shocking drop.

Hummel is the best free throw shooter on the team and he's down about 11% from before his injury (79%). Worst on the team is, of course, Terone Johnson. His shooting percentage is down a whopping 22% from last year's 55%.

The fact is that these guys haven't forgotten how to shoot free throws, but there's a mental disease in the line-up and it needs to be cured. The problem is, I don't know the cure...nor does Painter based on what I've heard him say.

Last Saturday, Butler played a game at Hinkle fieldhouse. and their starting point guard, Ronald Nored was 0-6 from the line in the first half.  Out of frustration he decided he needed to have some additional practice between halves.  The problem was that Butler's practice gym was full of alums and boosters eating hotdogs and popcorns and drinking soft drinks.  So they made space for him:
Nored working on free throws as a few friends watch
Perhaps the new Brian Cardinal Court can help Terone and Co. break the slump in the near future? I don't think the John Purdue-rs will be using it on gameday.
(Credit The Janitor's very own Twitter acct. for photo)
Defensive Changes Looming
GBI has been reporting for a few days that there are imminent changes coming to Hope's coaching staff on the defensive side of the ball.

Former LB coach, Phil Elmassian has moved on, again. This time to UMass to be the DC there. And current DC, Gary Emanuel will be replaced soon. The details of the change are still pretty hazy.  I'm not sure if it was Hope's decision, Emanuel's or Burke's...but I agree with it.  Purdue's defense looked like it should have been the strength of the team coming into the season.  But in spite of being an experienced and relatively deep group, the defense allowed the most points EVER on a Purdue defense v. Wisconsin (and it could have been worse) and was plagued by costly penalties at the worst times.  And like the rest of the team, was frustratingly-inconsistent. Statistically, things weren't good either- they were 9th in the B1G in total defense and scoring defense, 9th in rushing defense and red zone defense, 10th in pass defense and 7th in third down conversions allowed and sacks.

I don't know if Emanuel will still be on staff, but I would guess not.  Regardless, here are a few guys that I'd like to see in the hopper for the next DC:

Kirk Olivadotti is a Purdue alum; graduated while I was on campus in 1996 and played receiver for Colletto...don't hold that against him.  Currently, he's coaching the LBs at Georgia under Mark Richt. He's also coached in the NFL for the Redskins.

Terrell Williams is the one that got away...but who can come back home. He coached Purdue's D-Line from '06-'09 and helped develop Mike Neal, Ryan Kerrigan and Alex Magee.  He's currently in a bit of limbo as he was on the last T A&M staff, also as DL Coach, and Kevin Sumlin is making decisions on his staff as we speak.

Wild Card?
I doubt he's interested, and he's really not qualified...but that hasn't stopped Purdue in the past.

Wouldn't it be fun to see Rod Woodson in the gold and black again?

Armchair Draft
With the lousy football season behind the Indianapolis Colts and the draft ahead, the organization has already started making moves.

After months, no years of egotistical comments to local media, the ex-football genius, Bill Polian has been canned...and his son as well.  The last five years have been pretty horrible for the Colts from a personel decisions standpoint.  Perhaps the senior Polian was worn out or was allowing his son to make most of the calls; who knows.  But, the old formula doesn't seem to be working anymore.

Rumors are swirling about Caldwell's future, but I don't know how the Colts can bring him back in the wake of the lack of adjustments made to the Colts' gameplan following Manning's injury.

I'm watching Andrew Luck play his final college game as I'm writing this and I know Kiper and everyone else calls him a sure bet; there's no doubt he's a tremendous talent (by the way, Purdue was in his final three along with Northwestern), but there are no guarantees in the NFL.  There is a guarantee that his worth is substantial.  As a half-assed Colts fan, I'm rooting for them to trade the pick if Manning improves over the next 60 days.

I've heard the Colts will get between three to five picks for the rights to get Luck...and the Colts have plenty of needs. Here's who I'd like to see them get:

Justin Blackmon (OK St.)- the Colts need a big time receiver, regardless of what they decide to do with Reggie Wayne
Landry Jones (OK)- If he decides to leave...and is still around
Alfonso Denard (Neb)- The Colts need a shutdown corner badly

Crazy Talk
I'd like to see Justin Siller get a camp contract and have the opportunity to play H Back behind Dallas Clark. Sure, it probably won't happen, but Siller's ability to do about anything on the field along with his football IQ make him a good risk for the Colts to take.

Matty's team won't be ranked in the top-25 any earlier than mid-January in all likelihood.  In the meantime, The Forces of Good are 32nd in the Composite Computer Ranking.

Happy 2012, everybody!


The Accidental Expat said...

Wishful and out of the box thinking here, but let me spitball 2 more names out for Hope's defensive staff:
1. Ron Zook. No, seriously. Forget his underwhelming head coaching record, the man has serious credentials as a DC and positional coach in both FBS (stops in the SEC, B1G, Big 12, ACC, Big East) and NFL. And lest we forget, his recruiting skills are legendary. Make him, say, a DB coach and the recruiting coordinator, and watch the 4-star talent come to West Lafayette.
2. Former University of Washington DC Nick Holt. Somebody had to be the scapegoat for Baylor hanging 67 points on the Huskies, but the fact of the matter was that this guy built the stout USC defense during the Carroll years, and it's not like he forgot how to win. If you ask any clear-eyed Husky fan, the real culprit of the porous D had to do with the rather thin talent pool that Ty Willingham left behind. Like the Zooker, Holt now has a damaged reputation, and can suddenly be had for cheap. Are you listening Burke?

Purdue Matt said...

Luck's final 3 was Stanford, Purdue, and Rice.

CaryNW87 said...

I was a habitual Hope-basher last year. But in the interest of fairness, I need to give Coach Hope some love:

1) This year's signing class, if it stays in tact looks to be the strongest we've had in years.

2) The 2nd Quarter of the Little Caesars Bowl was actually a lot of fun to watch. The offense was actually imaginative - testing the edges of the defense, the wildcat, multiple RBs... where was that all year (or in the second half?!)

All this to say, with this staff shake up, I am cautiously optimistic about Boiler Football.

PS: J, Bdowd: I want to apologize for the ugliness in early December (B1G Network discussion). Hope it's all good now.

BoilerRick said...

I like the Ron Zook thought but would he take the multi million pay cut

Patrick said...

The problem Tiller had and something that was brought up around Paintergate time is the pay of assistants. Being able to hire a big name assistant coach is not feasible if we don't even pay our head coaches well. Back in the Tiller era, we lost our good coordinators because we couldn't pay - Cheany, Spack, etc. When they left and were replaced with lesser talent, it was noticeable on the field. From my understanding is the CMP also used Paintergate to be able to get more pay for assistants. Anyway, hiring a Zook for a coordinator position is a far fetch from reality when we can barely pay our head coaches.

BG said...

Well I'm hoping it's Burke's idea for the coaching shake-up and since it seems that way maybe he is willing to throw a million more a year at assistants since he's saving on the head coach. I don't think Hope will complain since he just got an extension and will get more help with the program. I know the assistant hires didn't work at Illinois but this is exactly what worked at Southern Miss. I'm a Purdue fan but a USM grad (the team that destroyed Houston and had 12 wins this season) The last 3 year before 2011 USM had a horrible D-coordinator now at Maryland and they got a new D-coordinator this year and improved their record by 5 wins and won the conference championship.

BoileRupp said...

By now you know Brady Hoke told his kicker to think about hot chicks when he kicks... Someone should tell Painter to tell the guys to think about titties when they shoot free throws... think about it...