Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Gumbo

Purdue: Good for What Ails Ya!

This season, we've seen some slumping teams bust out of their slumps with the help of our Boilers.  Butler couldn't finish against anyone, but found a way to overcome a large deficit to beat our Boilers on a kinda neutral court.  You're welcome, Blue.

PSU hadn't had many reasons to smile at home, or elsewhere this early winter, but Purdue allowed a role player to get into the mid-20s and carry the Lions to their lone victory this B1G season.

Wisconsin was skidding out of control toward a cliff...and Mackey Arena and Painter's squad acted as a softwall for the lumbering Badgers.

Next up, the Boilers will be playing an Iowa squad that will probably on a three game losing streak when it steps foot on Keady Court.

It's Always Nice Seeing IU Lose...But...

Not many Purdue fans enjoy watching IU win games. In fact, we really like seeing them lose; but they haven't been doing much of that this season.
Full Disclosure: if I didn't have to see the red unis, the orangish coach or the fans in the stands, I'd enjoy watching that team play the game.  They do a lot well- they shoot well, rebound well, are athletic and play well as a, unlike my favorite team, they have a consistent defense and an overwhelming offense.

But, being able to watch an IU game without rooting against them isn't an option for me in this state or on this last night's B1G nightcap was salve in the most-recent wound left by my Boilers.

But more than just enjoying watching IU lose at home, this one was good for Matty's squad.  Purdue's road win in Minneapolis looks a bit better after tonight.  Will Minny rally and make a run at the dance?  Probably not...but thanks anyway Goldy.

And speaking of boosting the RPI, Illinois' big win over aOSU was really helpful.

Nothing's Official Until They Sign

Signing Day is two and one-half weeks away for college football.  As of right now, Hope's class sits as the 27th-best class in all of the land.  But, there are a few bluechips who are awaiting their bags of cash waiting to sign until the last minute with their favorite school that might change the rankings among the top-10...and of course the dreaded defection is always in the back of the minds Purdue fans.  That's especially true since two or three of Purdue's verbals are still taking visits and sound less-than-solid on their "commitments."

Hopefully most of them stick.

The Black Hole

On the way back from the game tonight, I came up with the nickname "The Black Hole" for the high end seats on Mackey.  Sure, they're comfy and the view is stunning...but about half of the purchasers of these seats might not even know it since they never come to the games.

There's been an ongoing discussion about these seats on Twitter and the Knucklehead board, and some Purdue fans seem bothered that other fans and alums are angered by the sight of so many empties.  I'm more than bothered, I'm embarrassed.
Packed Mackey Arena: 1967-2011 (RIP)
Mackey was pretty full tonight in spite of lousy conditions outside...but those seats weren't.  And they haven't been for most of the season.  In all seriousness, if you're a rich guy who bought some of those seats and it's too much trouble for you to go to the games, e-mail us at

We'll find a Purdue fan to sit in your seats- guaranteed.

While your financial commitment to the program and the university is inspiring and important, your lack of commitment on game nights is a black eye on one of the best venues and programs in America...and the empty gold seats send an even worse and more obvious message.


Plang said...

I don't usually get to watch a lot of basketball games because of timing or coverage or whatever excuse I have on any particular day. I was able to see 3/4 of last nights game, and I almost wish I hadn't. They just looked horrible in the first half and then they completely ripped my heart out in the second half when I thought they might gut out a win. This team is great at giving me ulcers whenever I do watch.

I agree with you about The Black Hole. While I would assume that all those seats are sold out, when I watch the games and see those empty seats I start to wonder if they really are sold out. Are they empty because they were priced out of the range of many alumi? Or are they just empty because people in Chicago and Indy can't be bothered with coming up to the games?

One of my lesser-important goals in life is to have enough money some day that I can buy season tickets for seats like those and go to most of the games. If I couldn't make it to a game, I would figure out some way of making sure the seats were used. We do that with our football tickets now, even if they are nose-bleed seats. It just seems like such a waste for those seats to be empty.

Purdue Matt said...

When you say IU has a "consistent defense," do you mean consistently bad? Their defensive efficiency is ranked quite a bit lower than Purdue. It is not a strength of their team.

boilerdowd said...

Matt, I really don't care about their stats, I care that their defense gets stops when they need them, has good on-ball defenders and some great shot blockers; Granted, their offense is the story, but as a team they seem to know exactly what is needed from the guys to the right and left unlike our Boilers. Use the Kentucky and aOSU games as examples- sure, they let those very good offenses score points, but down the stretch they came up with enough big stops to seal victory.

Each game, Painter seems to need an early timeout to remind the team that they're a pressure-based defense that is most-effective with help and regular switches. By the time the team has been reminded, they're either down or exhausted or both.

Purdue Matt said...

You should care about stats, because your eyes deceive you. The Minnesota and OSU games should have helped you see the light. IU is a bad defensive team.

boilerdowd said...

My eyes don't deceive me when looking at their record...and you're too smart to believe stats tell the entire story.

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