Friday, February 17, 2012

Byrd, Barlow, Boilers, Blow their own foot off.

It's TJohn Time.
Shooting yourself in the foot is something this Purdue team has done all season- quick, stupid shots, lack-luster effort on the boards, poor rotations on defense...But now, This team has taken a 12 gauge, pointed it at their collective foot and pulled the trigger.

Here's what Purdue has to replace for Sunday:
40+ minutes of playing time, 20pts (B1G play), 6reb

Plus, both Barlow and Byrd were among the best free throw shooters on the team.

The starting line-up should look something like this:

Off the bench, we'll see:

The ironic part of Purdue being two men down prior to this game, is that both players would have probably matched up with Dawson...a guy that I want to see do nothing but fail while in a basketball uniform...especially at Mackey.

The long term ramifications of Barlow's sudden departure is that Purdue will probably want to sign another player in the class of '12...but I don't know if I see it happening.

Barlow's steady progression as a player would have made him a 10 or 11pt/gm and 4reb 3ast/gm player. Terone and Anthony Johnson's roles becomes even more important...both this season and next.

Dammit, I hate days like this.


DiamonDawg42 said...

Worst of all? It was at "Where Else?" Why oh why would you go to the WORST place in WLaffy? At 3AM?

NotMattPainter said...

Would love to see your guys' tweets. Unblock?

Plang said...

Haven't been paying attention as much this year to the roster, but what's up with Hale? Is he doing a redshirt or just warming the end of the bench? Wouldn't mind seeing him get some playing time if that is an option.

I pretty much expected Barlow to do something stupid like this before he was done at Purdue, but not from Byrd. It is rather disappointing to see that from him.

boilerdowd said...

Paul, Hale's redshirting- Painter wanted one of the he or Lawson to RS and Lawson's parents and he decided they didn't want to...glad the parents have a say, but I think the wrong guy redshirted as Lawson was/is raw and Hale's defensive understanding was further along.

BoilerBloodline said...

Agreed b-dowd, The program (long-term) would have benefited MUCH more if Lawson would have red-shirted this year. I really hope a year in prep school and a redshirt season will help Hale as much as I think it would have helped Lawson. Only time will tell...

Alec said...

According to the exponent (after the game today):

Ryne Smith on the Kelsey Barlow dismissal "Its addition by subtraction."

BoilerByBlood said...

So with Barlow gone.. does that open up a scholarship?

Alec said...

@BBB - Good question (I asked this in the H&R MSU game thread). The answer was: It does, but only for a year. Leaves it open for a JuCo transfer or to give it to a walk-on (Anthrop).