Friday, March 23, 2012

Just to clarify: NCAA tourney thoughts

There are a lot of people on Twitter who seem to not understand what J was talking about last night; so here's the deal:

Neither of us pulled too hard for the B1G last night.

In short, we don't have a ton of love for the conference.

A few years ago, J and I discussed how Purdue people tend to root for the conference when the Boilers have been knocked out of the tourney or during bowl games.  But J started seeing the error of blindly following the conference when living in SEC country as SEC shills would root for the entire conference rather than their alma mater.  I think this behavior pissed him off, so he made an about face.

I, on the other hand, have had a problem with the conference for a long time.  Let's not forget that in the first 50 years or so of the existence of the conference, teams like aOSU would get special treatment.  For instance, those teams wouldn't have to play road games but about once in every four years when playing conference foes.  It's a bit easier to dominate opponents when you never have to leave the friendly confines, don't you think.  But that's an old axe to grind...let's fast-forward a few years.

When all of the problems came up a few seasons ago about aOSU players receiving cars, tattoos and gear in exchange for SWAG, one of their defenses were that the kids didn't have enough money because of NCAA rules and regulations.  Nearly immediately, Delany and company started using their soap box to try to get some more money in the hands of athletes...the timing just kind of stunk.

On top of this, aOSU's history of cheating makes me dislike them a lot...and Wisconsin's style of basketball a few years ago, which set college basketball back 30 years or so, coupled with their unlikable fan base forces me to almost-never root for Bucky.  And most-recently, MSU players and coaches alike seem to have come together to brush a very serious situation under the rug...while the media tells us how squeaky-clean Sparty really is...And then, there is the shady summer of '10.

But honestly, last night was an awful night to pick whom to root for in the NCAA tournament.

aOSU v. Cincy
Outside of Aaron Craft's defense and his blush-covered cheeks, what's there to love in this match-up?

L'Ville v. MSU
Old Slime v. New Slime

Wisc v. 'Cuse
I rooted for Bo...see where that got me??

Fla v. Marq
Once again, thanks for nothing, Marquette.  That might be the last time I root for you guys.

Rooting for the state of Wisconsin was the easiest thing to do last night.  A Wisconsin win would have insured no more entitled whining from Boeheim in my TV.  Sadly, that didn't work out because Taylor and co. have no offense other than shooting 22 footers.  Next up, I rooted for Marquette because the Golden Eagles' coach and I look like brothers (so handsome)...and Donavan is a dirty gangster who made a bad deal with the devil to get two national titles.  Root for the other four?? I'd only feel dirty and disgusting this morning.  It's best to stay neutral...something that I clearly am not a fan of.

Tonight, do yourself a favor and root for the underdogs, sans IU of course, and Baylor instead of X.  It'll be the easiest way to respect yourself in the morning.

Now, specifically addressing the IU v. Kentucky game-  There are Purdue fans out there who say they must root for IU...Huh?

Clearly, these people don't live in Indiana and never get on the interwebnets.  I can tell you that the last thing that this state needs is all news being pushed aside for yet another week of Crean's shiny forehead being on the HD screen.  Don't get me wrong, I can't stand Calipari...but all of this year's wins will be vacated by 2015, so none of this will matter in the not-too-distant future.  The best case scenario is IU gets lambasted tonight and none of it counts after Calipari has headed to the NBA (again).  That way, no one really wins...and the ideal scenario occurs: everyone loses.


von Nostrand said...

How is MSU "new slime"? Because something may have happened two years ago or because Purdue didn't get Dawson (just like they didn't get most of the big names over the past 5 years)?

Also teams like OSU got more home games 50 years ago not because of preferential treatment but because teams like Purdue would sell their home games to the OSUs of the conference.

boilerdowd said...

Teams like aOSU got more home games because they were who they are. There is no argument for that sort of treatment, within a conference that makes sense.

Izzo is a slick politician that tells the media what he thinks they want to hear, they run with it, and then he turns around and acts in another manner.

Case in point:
Dawson acts like a punk in E. Lansing. Painter complains (probably shouldn't have). Izzo says he didn't see it (which I doubt)...and says he'll discipline Dawson if he sees anything on tape. Dawson starts the next game.

Plus, there is no "may have happened" about the incident with the two MSU players. Read about how one player talked about his encounter with one of the rapists.

Believe what you're entitled to your opinion as am I.

von Nostrand said...

And you're entitled to post sub-par blog posts that are more in line with the tin-foil-on-the-head crowd, like you often do.

Cooper said...

Baylor will be tough to support, too, though. I hear from other coaches all the time that he is one of the worst cheaters, too.

Kodiak33 said...

Cooper, was this the same coach that threatened to deport Hanner Perea?

I'm rooting for Kansas.

Unknown said...

B'dowd, I'm glad you wrote this article because I was working out at the gym last night thinking the exact same thing while watching the games. I want NONE of the other B1G programs to win! All that would get us is losing future recruits to other conference teams "who have more tournament success than Purdue". And as much as I hate Calipari and his slimy ways, I could never root for IU under any circumstances. I hope they lose by 100 to the future NBA ballers, (or current NBA ballers if you consider their salaries).

boilerdowd said...

Cooper, a few years ago, I got to see a bunch of Baylor co-eds down in Houston...kinda became a a fan of the Bears; sure it's arbitrary, oh well. Plus, I hate Xavier.

Unknown, you and all of our other readers wear tinfoil hats!!!

Beam me up, yo.

Kodiak33 said...

I would argue rooting for any midwestern team that compete for recruits...including KY and Louisville.

CalTravelGuy said...

There is nothing slimey about MSU basketball... nothing. No program and coach is perfect, but MSU and Izzo do the B1G proud and I always root for them. Same for Wisconsin and Bo. OSU? I was rooting for them too but I understand why some B1G fans may not.

Tonight, we hopefully all stand unified. Can you imagine our offseason as Purdue fans if IU beats Kentucky? Tonight, I'm for evil... I'm for Ashley Judd... Go Cats!

boilerdowd said...

I can't stand Ashley Judd; but she used to look great in a t-shirt.

Did you read that story that was linked, Cal?

Do you have any friends that live in East Lansing? I do. They disagree with your assessment.

Purdue Matt said...

Amen Dowd. Agree on all points.

Purdue Matt said...

MSU is new slime because of how Izzo won the bidding war with Marquette for Dawson's services.

BoilerWhat said...

The vitriol here is fantastic. Who's gonna be the first break the glass in the popcorn maker? Who's gonna puke in the fish bowl? I thought this was Harry's.

I'm on the fence w/ MSU. I'm okay with Wiscy because of friendships, but I will never root for the Yankees errrr O$U. IU's fans have destroyed all respect for that program.

COD said...

The only thing I can root for during the IU- KY game is a meteorite or other geographically limited natural disaster.

J Money said...

BoilerWhat -- I never like the Yankees comparison, partly because I am a Yanks fan but also because they aren't breaking the rules when they overpay.

van Nostrand -- Don't come here anymore if you can't help being an a-hole. Opinions are welcome, being an irrational douchebag is not. Be gone.

Cal -- your comments about MSU are far too broad and blanketed to be applied to almost any program, let alone one that is getting more slimy by the year.

CalTravelGuy said...

Guys, I did read it. Yesterday, you all celebrated a post by our own Ryne Smith who specifically cautioned everyone to be careful criticizing someone until you've walked in their shoes. I don't know those kids and neither do you. I don't really know what happened and neither do you. Sometimes all we can do is trust in our criminal justice system and accept that, until the word "allegedly" is removed from the charge, then we have to assume they are innocent. Sounds like a messy situation... glad it didn't happen at Purdue. I am confident in saying that I don't believe that incident somehow represents a pattern of behavior by Izzo, MSU or student athletes at MSU.

von Nostrand said...

I don't see how I'm being irrational by asking for a blogger to do more than make stuff out of thin air. Is there any evidence that MSU paid Dawson or did anything else wrong with him? Izzo was suspended one game for what every party involved admitted was an innocent mistake. Is there any evidence that MSU covered up anything related to the alleged sexual assault? No, you're going on new article that rehashes two-year-old news without adding any new reporting. What about the clearly incorrect claim that the Big Ten scheduled home games for certain teams? What actually happened was that some teams (OSU, and UM especially) bought out some road games from the other team becuase it resulted in more money for both schools.

When bloggers - who, for better or worse are representatives of a university - throw serious claims out there within any evidence to support it, it reflects bad on the program and my alma mater.

We as Purdue fans are gaining a reputation as constant complainers who think the world is out to get them and that any program - IU, MSU, Michigan, OSU - that gets a recruit over Purdue is automatically dirty. That's not the case and we are - or we should be - better than that.

Boilergal said...

Never would I root for IU...



Apparently, that makes me immature! I'll take that- who cares??

I love you guys!

Can't wait to laugh at every Hulls turnover and everytime he is de-pantsed by whatever Wildcat drives on him!

boilerdowd said...

vN- you're absolutely revising history. Purdue could sell out games in the 60s, yet didn't have equitable schedules with UM and aOSU. Check Purdue's attendance v. the schedule.

We're not reporters...we're not journalists; Our Twitter feed has more breaking news than the site. But, to say something that was published a week ago is old news because it happened two years ago is short-sighted. The fact that there was no news coverage of it then is an indictment of the media.

Note, we have said NOTHING negative about Harris' recruitment because it didn't have the irregularities and wild changes as did Dawson's.

von Nostrand said...

I just talked to a season ticket holder from the 60s who played at another large midwest school. He said they sold out the games but it was more profitable for Purdue when OSU/UM/whoever paid for it.

As for the MSU story, the media investigated it two years ago. The Detroit media hounds MSU atheltics - remember the Kirk Cousins/fight story that was completely fabricated? - and they found nothing unusual. As Cal said, it was a messy situation that has to be left up to the criminal justice system.

As for Harris, commenters have accused MSU of improper things with the Harris recruitment. If you didn't, then good job on that.

Livin' The Dream said...

You won't catch me rooting for IU in football or basketball EVER! Each season I always hope they go 0 for whatever. Not because I hate IU that much: I have lots of friends who went there, spent a lot of time partying there back in the day, but simply so their idiot fans will shut the fuck up.

J Money said...

vanNostrand -- you need it pointed out where you acted like a jerk? Here, read this:

"And you're entitled to post sub-par blog posts that are more in line with the tin-foil-on-the-head crowd, like you often do."

Multiple insults in one sentence -- hooray for you!

As we've said MANY TIMES, this is an opinion site, just like opinion columns... we can draw conclusions and we do. Everyone has opinions and many people share theirs... ours happen to be broadcast to a small readership via this site.

The insinuations that our writing is "sub-par" or that we're wackos (tin foil hats?) and that we're often those things.... well, why are you here? We've put 5+ years and approaching 3000 posts into this effort, so you know what? We're entitled to say what we think, whether you like it or not.

Stop defending programs with shady tactics and shady individuals.

J Money said...

Cal -- You know we love you, but I think you're being naive here.

KevinB said...

I always root for the B1G against any other conference, sans Indiana. I enjoy watching them go down in flames anytime I can. I get tired of the media trashing on the B1G no matter what sport it is.
Our conference was by far the toughest in basketball this year. Everyone hoots and hollars for the Big East, but they have so many bottom feeder teams that are easy wins. I just get tired of everyone bashing on us, so I root for the B1G every chance I get.

QuadBoiler said...

Cal and von Nostrand,

Depite my opinions and the shadiness of the Dawson recruitment, I won't comment on it as no one truly knows besides him, his family, and Izzo. As for the situation from two years ago, I'm not sure where your blind faith of the justice system and MSU athletics is coming from. One of the players involved in the situation admitted that the victim DID NOT want to have sex and that, while he stopped, the other player continued despite her protestations. You continue to believe MSU is squeaky clean, I will take the word of a first hand observer (besides the victim) and see that the situation was basically swept under the rug. Sorry, but that's not right and whether it was two years ago or two days ago, it shows me that MSU isn't the perfect program we are all led to believe it is.

Unknown said...

TOSU was not in the conference for a good share of the first 50 years. Chicago (and even Lake Forest) were.
On the MBB portion of the athletics enterprise our very own Boilers have the best record in terms of conference championships and W/L advantages over opponents. However, no one know that from reading BoiledSports, Purdue Athletics Dept blurbs, or the Indy Star. A "woe is me, we're from West Lafayette" modus operandi is apparent.

von Nostrand said...

Unknown -

OSU has been in the Big Ten since 1912 (16 years after the conference started). You're thinking of MSU, which joined in 1950. Lake Forest was never in the conference. It attended the first meeting in 1895 but was replaced by Michigan when the conference started in 1896.

As for the lack of coverage/recognition of Purdue basketball, some of it is being overshadowed by IU, some of it has to do with so 13 of the championships being from before World War II and some has to do with the lack of a Final Four since 1980. Still, I bet 90% of Big Ten fans don't know that Purdue has the most B10 championships and that seems wrong since it is something to be proud of.

Andrew said...

I love this blog as I am Purdue alum that came from Purdue alum parents. I have loved Purdue since birth. But I can not understand rooting against the B1G. I have a lot of family and friends that went to other B1G schools. So I enjoy seeing their alma mater do well. I am always Purdue first but once they are out I want the B1G to do well. It helps with ranking, RPI, and tourney seeding for the next year. Plus bragging rights that Purdue does well in one of the best conferences in the country. Of course I want a B1G team to be at a Big East or SEC team. Why would I want a rival conference to do well?
As far as your asinine "no one wins" argument......well someone has to win. So lets hope it is a B1G team!
When I went back and forth with you on twitter I asked some of my other B1G school friends and they agreed with me. They were rooting for Purdue to beat Kansas! Not because they went to Purdue but because Purdue is a member of the B1G! I don't know how this doesn't make sense to you.
Continue the great work on the blog but please try to refrain from bashing all schools that aren't Purdue.

Andrew said...

Except for IU. Please bash IU. I have friends that are IU alum so I give them 1st round of the tourney (which is hard to do). After that I want them to be crushed.

Unknown said...

This is so far down the line it will probably never get read, but I thought I'd let BoiledSports know that I find this post, and several of the follow ups, quite petty. When I first discovered this site, I thought the content was respectable, thoughtful, and at worst, playfully arrogant. Many posts over the past year have gotten more hateful and condescending, and I find myself visiting less and less because of it.

Do I like OSU? No, not at all. Do I think it sucks that MSU got Dawson and Harris? Yeah, of course. Will I root against IU in every big 10 game? You bet. Is Wisconsin's basketball program 30 years dated? Yeah (though its effective) But out of conference and in the tourney you better believe I'll pull for any one of these teams. I think it's distasteful to do otherwise. I could argue point after point with you guys, but I'll stick to a couple. Cats over Hoosiers? Really? I think IU probably has shady recruiting practices, and of course they're our in state rival, but really? Calipari is the FACE of scum and cheating in college basketball, and you would cheer for him over IU? Or OSU...yeah, they got caught with the tats for SWAG incidents, and of course their recruiting is probably shady, but you know what? Tressel got fired. As far as Izzo is concerned, he's one of the most personable coaches in the country. The man holds walk-in hours on campus to talk to students who want to meet with him to address concerns or ideas. He gets similar talent as Purdue, and makes quality teams every year. You can't blame Harris or Dawson for not going to Purdue...MSU has a very good coach, a great school, and the risk Painter takes by catching recruits early is that they may change their minds when their options open up. We have to deal with that fact, like it or not.

All in all, I'm disappointed in you guys. I know this is an "opinion" site, and to each his own, but I think you guys' opinions are disrespectful and distasteful. Not to mention, you immediately harass anyone in the comments who doesn't agree with you (I fully expect retribution if one of you reads this). I'll keep reading BS, but I think I'll keep finding myself a less and less frequent visitor unless this garbage stops.

Josh said...

I will never root for IU. NEVER.

IU could be playing the Fighting Psycho Knife-Wielding Puppy Punchers of Southwest Iowa whose mascot is an abused, 3-legged mutt named Punching Bag and I would be asking where I could get a Puppy Punchers hat.


Because they are not IU.


Mark said...

I used to like Izzo, and I believed he was clean.

After Dawson's HS coach on the MSU payroll, not so much. Crean and Izzo seem to be pretty good at "keeping the rules" while looking up the skirt of lady justice.

KevinB said...

Go Big Ten! OSU in the Final Four! In your face Big East. Syracuse sucks.

Unknown said...

So i really used to love this site, but it's coming of my google feed. Purdue has a fantastic history in basketball and should be proud of it, but this short man syndrome that you guys have when it comes to your basketball program is embarrasing. You guys want more attention? Get to the final 4, get more than 1 co championship in 15 years.
It's understandable though, some ohio state football players got free tatoos and their coach lost its job for it. Yeah, I can't believe they are still allowed to have a school. Michigan States basketball team, led by a fantastic coach who runs a super clean program dealt with accusations that a prosecutor, who knows significantly more about the issue than we do, chose not to preosecute. Shut down the state.
Hey, purdue's Byrd had a player charged for public intoxication, thats probably about as bad as getting free tatoos. SHUT DOWN PURDUE.

I guess the only question is, when purdue loses an NCAA game, does anybody care?

montanaman said...

Other school fans, get the frack off here and whine on your own boards!

I never root for other Big Ten schools; I think because they are the competition all year long. And I root for ANYONE over IU. Their fans are the worst "we are entitled" hillbillies anywhere. Before you start throwing darts, I am an IU alum (and Purdue) but can't stand any IU sports.

I agree with the original blog post completely!!

ZMax said...

Keep up the good work boys. One of my favorite articles yet. Don't let the morons on here stop you from doing what you do best - calling it as you see it. Thats why I come here: to get perspective on all things Purdue and Big10. Unlike the "professional media" you guys give facts and your opinions OF THE FACTS, not made up facts like many other members of the respected media. Just because some of the posters on here believe every spoon-fed piece of garbage they read doesn't mean they are right and doesn't mean its true. good work

Boilergal said...

Hey Unknown(s)... Are you the same unknown? Get a name! Are you serious??? Izzo gets the same talent as Painter? 3 straight classes with a McDonald's AA?? I think not!

Other unknown (possibly)... I really don't think Dowd or J care how many times you stop by. Do yourself and everyone else a favor-go back to your school's site. I have a feeling that would be OnlyColors or ITH.

Andrew- I can see some value in rooting for other Big Ten teams in the non-conference part of each school's schedule. However, when it comes to the post-season, why do I care how OSU or IU do? It has no reflection on Purdue, it will not affect the RPI and the next season will be based on that season alone.

J and Dowd- Keep up the good work of bashing every team that isn't Purdue. It is why I come here! We already have H&R for the kumbaya side of the story. I like having a site where the enemy is not as welcome!

boilerdowd said...

BG, thanks.

We are who we are.