Thursday, April 19, 2012

Greetings from the Girl

Well hello to the loyal readers (and those who just saw the word Girl in the title)!

Nicole here, or Nikki-J, as I was dubbed during my days of athletic stardom in elementary school. At 5-foot-8 in fifth grade I couldn't help but be good at basketball when most the other girls were a full foot shorter. I used to think I was going to be the next Lisa Leslie, but then I stopped growing.

She's going to be a veterinarian someday
My passions include shopping and dancing [Same as boilerdowd -J] and most of all, Purdue athletics. During my time with Boiled Sports, I hope to bring a student's perspective on the Boilermaker sports world and will occasionally (despite B-dowd's disdain) comment on women's basketball, which kind of rocks if you didn't know.

As a member of the Reamer Club (the people who drive the Boilermaker Special) I will try to include University traditions whenever possible. For instance, I have never willingly walked under the Bell Tower and am still on track to graduate in four years. [How about the roaring lion? -BS]
He's CLASS-y

As the school year draws to a close, I'd like bid farewell to those student-athletes graduating: Congratulations to especially the men's and women's basketball teams, you've been both fun and painful to watch.


Anonymous said...
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zlionsfan said...

The women's team does rock. It's nice to have a banner that's not only recent, but is also better than anything IU (or any other conference team, for that matter) has to display. I saw the '99 team in the first two rounds at Purdue and the regionals at Illinois State ... it was nice to see a highly-ranked Purdue team get to the Final Four and then take care of business.

I look forward to hearing your perspective! Do you watch the volleyball team at all? They're coming off a pretty good season ... I was hoping they'd make a better run in the tournament than they did.

P.S. Believe it or not, getting into vet school is the easy part. I have a good friend who's a first-year at Purdue, and she and her classmates make it sound harder than sitting next to obnoxious Notre Dame fans (redundant?) for an entire game. Rayburn's work ethic should come in handy ...

BoilerPaulie said...

If you thought volleyball was fun to watch this year, just wait. Next year we have a LOT of great players coming back, AND Purdue will be a Regional site, hosting in Mackey Arena. I believe we're also going to have the Penn State match in Mackey. So Purdue could potentially host all the way until the Final Four. Real exciting stuff.