Monday, April 09, 2012

Monday Gumbo (Mikesky, McKinzie, Indy and More)

The Spring game is coming...I love it for a ton of reasons, but I hate it for others.  The summer doldrums of sports are kind of already here- J and I forced to talk about IndyCar and Purdue sports to be found...and generally, news that comes out of West Laffy in the Spring or Summer has something to do with ACLs and isn't the type of thing we like talking about.

Spring practice has been good for the Boilers though, at least from an injury standpoint. Sure, guys are banged up a bit, but that happens...there doesn't seem to be a major injury in the pipe.  And for the first time in forever, Purdue has two healthy QBs to square off in the Black/Gold game who have both started in and played significant games while at Purdue.  Who they will be throwing to though, is a different story.

For the second-straight season, depth at WR is a question mark.  Sure, Gary Bush, Antavian Edison and OJ Ross have caught a decent amount of passes, but depth and consistency remains a concern.  I still am not positive of what to expect from Ross.  He's got great speed and overall athleticism, but he ran lazy routes at times and gave up on plays.  I've always like Gary Bush as a solid option and Edison can do everything...and in spite of his lack of size, he's been very durable.

After these three, a BS favorite, Tommie Thomas has seen a lot of snaps with the 1s in the Spring.  In case you don't remember, Thomas has ping-ponged back and fourth from offense do defense and now back to offense, but should be on the two-deep come the fall.  I think we'll see Thomas play a role similar to what Gravesande did last season...but Thomas is a different guy in that he's an emotional leader and his teammates rally around him a bit.  Gravesande tended to do his job a bit more quietly.

Shane Mikesky (87), the budding track star and RS Frosh-to-be has shown an ability to go up and get the jump ball in practice so far...but admits he needs to work on strength before he can be an every-down WR in the B1G.  He's built a bit like Jonathan Standeford...and has a similar deceptive speed about his with his long strides.  ChuckT, Charles Torwudzu (17), should also make a bit of noise as he tries to be a possession receiver for TerBush and Marve...His size and strength might help him find the field.

Raheem Mostert, arguably the most exciting player on the on the team, will also try to work his way into becoming a consistent WR...but I see him as a perfect back-up for Edison as he's able to come out of the backfield, play flanker or wideout.  Ishmael Aristide (22), who along with Rob Henry just missed becoming leader of the free Purdue world last week, is working toward becoming a WR after switching from defense.

The WR position is one I'll be watching more-closely than any other this coming Saturday as LBD and I enjoy our final taste of Purdue football until August/September.  Hopefully, the OLine can protect Marve and TerBush enough that we get to see a somewhat-normal offense.

Brush with Local Talent
When I say McKinzie Roth, most of you would probably say, "Lawfirm?" And you might be correct.  But, Roth is actually a local spokeswoman who I've been a fan of for a few years...If you're in Indy, you might know her as the Andy Mohr Ford girl? No matter. I shared this story with my wife, and she was about as impressed as you guys are about to be.

I was at the gym last week and almost ran into her...while she wasn't wearing a catsuit, she was still pretty impressive in person...good for her and her boyfriend/husband.

IndyStar Bias Shows Itself (again)
If you read the IndyStar regularly...what's wrong with you? If not, you might not have seen this.

We all know that the Star has a white-hot, undying love for all things IU...but what you might not know is that they'll shill for IU even when the opportunity isn't really there.  To the Star's chagrin, Yogi Ferrell didn't win Indiana's Mr. Basketball, but, MSU super-talent Garry Harris did.

So the Star wrote a piece about Mr. Harris' accomplishment...and seemed to focused on the guy that finished second.  Click here to check it out.

Also in the article, Ronnie Johnson is mentioned as a member of this year's Indiana All-Star team...along with a bunch of other names that you'll see playing D-1 basketball next season. Iowa, Butler, IU, Michigan, Purdue and others all found a gem in this year's talented class from Indiana...But I really like the guys coming to God's country next year- Have I mentioned that?

Because I can, I will mention IndyCar.

The new chassis heads to another road course this weekend- this time it's Long Beach...Here's to a race like what we saw at Barber with plenty of passing and action at the front of the field.

The cars will be coming to Indy, this time to prepare for the greatest spectacle, the second week of May...with practice beginning on May 13.  Hopefully they'll be up above 220 at that point at the the 2.5 mile oval...but I'm not holding my breath.

I'm one of the people that was clamoring for a new I'm not complaining.  But, the DW12 will look a lot better going faster than it does hovering around 215 as it did at last week's practice.


boilerbugle said...

This IndyStar columnist seems to think a private Indy school winning the 2A title is more impressive than a 4A sectional title at HSE. I don't know all that much about the 2A tournament these days, but when I was in school, it was almost always dominated by private schools from Indy or Fort Wayne who played 4A schools all year, then went out to the cornfields to beat up on the small country schools to win the title.
So the argument that Yogi should win because he won a state title is a little weak. Harris's team played tough schools all year, then when the sectional comes around and has to play those same schools again.
Were there other articles in the paper that featured Harris? I assume there was more than this one column on Mr Basketball

B-Kizzle said...

Although it may seem like there isn't much Purdue athletics to talk about, our baseball team is currently ranked in the top 25 and is the clear favorite to win the B1G this year. Our women's tennis team is also ranked 31st in the nation, their highest ranking of all time. Just thought I'd shed a little light on the non-revenue generating sports.

boilerdowd said...

Fair points, Kizzle.

The men's team is a bit of a juggernaut right now; great to see!

ATL_Boilers said...

The Indycar race is in Long Beach this weekend... St. Pete was the first race of the year.

Good looking article, otherwise.

boilerdowd said...

Mercy; I am brain dead today. Thanks, ATL.

John said...

I am not an IndyCar "fan," but I went to the race for the first time last year and enjoyed myself. It boggles my mind that avid fans can tell a difference between 215 and 220, seeing as that is a 2.3% increase in speed.

chevys10 said...

If you guys run a little low on real news, please bring back SBF!!!!

boilerdowd said...

JW- they were running above 230 in the straight aways last can tell the difference pretty easily actually.

Chevy- you're greedy. I gave a little something in this post...and it's not my segment anyway; it's J's.