Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Atavian Edison Gun Arrest Details

As you've heard by now (perhaps from us if you are a Twitter user -- and if you are a Twitter user and are NOT following us, what are you waiting for?), Purdue wideout Antavian Edison was arrested on a gun charge over the weekend in Fort Myers, Florida. The USA Today story is here but I will lay out some of the key points here.

Edison was riding with his uncle in a Lincoln (Antavian was driving) and he ran a stop sign. That's never a good idea, for lots of reasons, but it's even dumber when you have a weapon and ammo illegally in the car with you. The police pinched him and found "...a silver "Pink Lady" .38 Special revolver lying between the driver and front passenger, loaded with five rounds of ammunition."

I'd almost be more embarrassed that my bad-ass gun charge involves the words "pink lady" to describe the gun. A .38 is not something to sneer at, of course. [NOTE: Updated to acknowledge the Pink Lady only holds five bullets. Sorry, I'm just not used to lady guns like some of you boys are.]

The concealed weapons charge is a felony in Florida, which is a big deal, too. This isn't a misdemeanor marijuana charge, you know? Felonies have teeth.

Antavian's uncle -- who is just 23 -- has a rap sheet, too, including a robbery rap in 2005 (when he was 16, I guess?), which means his charge is possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. I would imagine this all but guarantees that Uncle Devon will be seeing the inside of the clink, but those will law degrees are welcome to chime in here.

In typical Purdue athletic department prowess with the media, the school said they would not be commenting at this time. I know it's not the NY press, for example, but this situation should probably be commented on soon. If it has been officially commented on and I just haven't seen it yet, please let me know.

And finally in the story, the principal of Antavian's high school spoke highly of Antavian and said he was always "low-key" and "respectful." He also said he's "sure there's more to" the story, too. That's certainly possible, but illegally possessing a revolver and having it between the seats of your car while you're violating traffic laws is something people tend to judge, and rightfully so.

We'll keep you posted if we learn anything more.

You can find Antavian on Twitter at @EliteBreeze13.


creeling said...

"A .38 is not something to sneer at, of course, and the fact that there were only five rounds in a revolver is even more disturbing to me. Why not six? Was one fired? If so, where? At what/whom?"

They only hold five bullets. Quit with the sensationalism.

Patrick said...

Calm down there creeling. It being a 0.38 Special; they typically have 6 rounds. I think a response such as, "Since it's a pink lady, they only hold 5 rounds instead of six, so there should be no issue regarding if it was fired." The whole, "Quit with the sensationalism" comment sounds pissy. Have the reader's self esteem taken a hit lately? It seems so. Maybe therapy is in order.

J Money said...

Seriously. We can do no right anymore.

Revolvers typically hold six bullets, girls.

Jim said...

In my experience, concealed-carry .38 revolvers usually hold only 5 bullets. Also, the Charter Arms Pink Lady *is* pink and it does hold only 5 bullets. Further, a ".38 special" is a type of ammunition, not a type of gun.

I think that before you assume that a bullet is missing and make a big deal of it, you should check the facts. And when someone points out your mistake, it is better to own up to it than to insult that person.

CalTravelGuy said...

Remember that awesome 38 Special song "Hold on Loosely?" I heard that on the radio the other day and it made me happy. This makes me sad. I'd rather be happy.

Livin' The Dream said...

I think we should all withhold judgment until more facts come out. Was it even his car? Was it his gun or his Uncle's? (my money is on the uncle given his past)

This could be poor decision making on Antavian's part, or it could just be a case of wrong place/wrong time/wrong family member. There's not enough information at this point to do anything but speculate.

E said...

Well, I think the best thing to do is wait and see when all the facts come out. He is a young guy and was with a family member. Why did the cops search the car for just a traffic violation? The lesson, as always...always say no when they ask to search the car! Hopefully Edison has a clean record and he will be exonerated. If Lindsay Lohan can avoid jailtime despite multiple DUI's and cocaine possesion and theft charges.....anything is possible....right?

Anonymous said...

Seriously….”Quit with the Sensationalism”?...What kind of condescending BS is that CREELING?

After further review though, I gather your benchmark for sensationalism is very low.
I read the following fascinating and riveting excerpt from your blog – “I've got nothing to do today. I'm waiting for a sensitivity analysis to finish on a genetic algorithm I'm working with for my research (what?); I started it last night at around 5:30 PM and when I got here at 9:30this morning, it was only 25% complete. So, while I wait for this thing to finish running, I figured I'd play around on my new laptop and translate the most recent post by raftercm into economics.”

Can you please start posting again (pretty please)? I really want to know how things worked out for you while the other 75% of your algorithm finished. Better yet, how was the new laptop?

I am a big fan of the site. I am not a big fan of folks like CREELING (and there seems to be a lot of them these days). I understand the benefit of healthy debate but the comments of late are anything but that. Why even bother visiting the site (CREELING is obviously bored and waiting on his algorithms to finish but what about the rest of you)? I am optimistic the comments aren’t coming from folks that are Purdue grads/students. Unfortunately, I am guessing my optimism is just that, and it’s quite discouraging.

CaryNW87 said...

E: An article I read said the cops searched the car because they "observed the driver twisting and bending" as they were pulling him over. That suspicious behavior prompted the search.

I am willing to bet that it was the uncle's gun, and that Antavian panicked when he was pulled over. Good kid. Wrong place. Wrong time. That's what I'm hoping anyway.

At least it didn't happen at Where Else in WL.