Friday, May 11, 2012

BS Readers Weigh In On Purdue QB Situation

A week or two back, B-dowd put up a poll asking you to give your pick for QB this fall in the black and old gold. The results are in and in our unscientific poll, it's clear -- we've swayed you all with our Marve-lous propaganda.

Robert Marve -- 60%
Rob Henry -- 27%
Caleb Terbush -- 12%

This might seem particularly unfair to Mr. TerBush, who -- let's be fair -- was the primary signal-caller in a season that saw the Boilermakers return to middling bowl game prominence.

Previous to that Rob Henry had captured the hearts and minds of the Boilermaker faithful as he gutted his way to victories despite being beat up along the way and having somewhat limited potential as a downfield passer.

And so here we are, a few months from entering the 2012 season and the public opinion has swayed to a guy who has repeatedly shown he wants nothing more than to play football for Purdue. It looks like he will finally, truly be healthy and let's hope he stays that way, regardless of how he plays. Or, knowing this coaching staff, if he plays.


Patrick said...

Marve should indeed be the guy; however, he has to play smarter. He can tend to be Farve-esq (Marve/Farve, see?) and throw up passes he has no business throwing. The good is he has a good arm, can scramble, and has that gritty attitude. Has for Henry, he has to be involved, although, I don't want to see a two QB system. Maybe a slot WR or a back? Who knows, but he's too athletic and talented to be on the bench. Terbush is more than a capable backup and he does play carefully (too carefully) and takes care of the ball. Anyway, that's my 2 cents.

Headphones_on said...

even if Marve ends up being the best QB through August practice, I have a really hard time believing Hope will start him.

Its gonna be Henry if healthy, then Terbush, the Marve when he 'fits in the system' (aka down by 17 with 2 mins till halftime)