Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Purdue Baseball This Friday Night -- Like You Have Anything Better To Do

And who doesn't love Gary, IN at night? Amirite??

Regardless, just put on your bulletproof vest and head on up I-65 (or down it, if you're a Chicagoan) and support your Boilers as they take on Valpo on Friday night in the start of the NCAA baseball tourney. Your Boilers are technically hosting the regional but thanks to "construction delays," their new stadium -- which was supposed to open this season -- is not yet ready. Well done, as always, Purdue athletic department! (And spare me any excuse-making for them -- I'm sure it's everybody else's fault, as usual.)

It's good to see ESPN is consistent towards the Boilermakers across all sports. This article discussing the seeds and matchups has nary a mention of Purdue -- though, interestingly, Purdue's opponent, Valparaiso, is mentioned as being in a regional for the first time since 1968.

Here's hoping the Boilers make enough noise so that they simply cannot be ignored.

The schedule for each regional is here. The winner of the Gary regional will play the winner of the Eugene, Oregon, regional, meaning that if the seeds hold, our Boilers get to face Oregon again. Like we haven't seen enough of those quacks in recent years.

"Home" of the Boilermakers!


zlionsfan said...

Looks like you left out a link in the last paragraph: "The schedule for each regional is here." ESPN has regional-only schedules, and the NCAA has it in semi-bracket form.

I hope the Boilers can get to the CWS. That would be huge ... they have a pretty favorable draw, I think. Oregon's the #5 seed overall, so that could be worse, and there's only one warm-weather team in the regional, if Kentucky is truly a warm-weather team.

J Money said...

Yes, whoops. Thanks for that correction.

Not like anybody is commenting on this one, though. And then we take crap for not covering non-FB/BB sports more. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Now J. Dont be like that. I for one like the posts on non-revenue producing sports. Just because I dont spew my normal gibberish doesnt mean I dont appreciate it. Besides, if we stroke your ego too much, Mrs. Money will get jealous.

J Money said...

I want you to stroke Purdue athlete egos, not mine.