Monday, June 25, 2012

ESPN B10 Guys Say Purdue Needs LB Situation To Solidify Because How Many Times Can They Say QBs?'s Big Ten guys have been doing a feature they're calling "home run summer" but which might as well be called "we're desperate for college football content in June." That's not to say it may not scratch your itch, because right now we're all looking at that mirage in the distance that is the delicious refreshment of college football.

Anyway, the Purdue segment can be viewed here and is just a quick hit on the fact that the linebacking corps at Purdue needs to improve if they want to have among the better defenses in the league. And let's be honest, with some unknowns on offense (with Coach Hope implying there will be no clear cut #1 QB until the season starts, if at all), the defense will indeed need to be stout.


Scruffy_P said...

The linebacking at Purdue needs to improve? What is this? 2005? 2007? 1993? Sorry, but if you had a generic headline generator for various universities and you plugged in Purdue, this is the kind of headline I imagine would be spat out.

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