Saturday, September 01, 2012

Boilers win big, but...

Just a quick take from me.

Depsite the final score being as much as anyone could've hoped for, all is not perfect in West Lala.  Turnovers, which were a huge problem last year, look like they're going to be a huge problem again this year.  As the competition ramps us during the the season (which one could argue happens next week, though I'll never give the domers that type of credit) the QB's will have to limit their mistakes.

Maybe I'm the only one, but given the history of injuries at Purdue (yes, I'm knocking on wood as I write this) I'm not terribly comfortable with Ricardo Allen returning kicks.

End quick take.


patsloan said...

Can we hang our hats on the fact that penalties seemed few and far between?

The Starving Guitarist said...

I am concerned about the turnovers too, but we were able to gradually cut those down last year aside from the bowl game. It looks like a lot of the Big 10 teams looked ugly this week... Even teams like OSU who won big had an awful first quarter. Braxton was like 1-8 at one point.

Wisconsin and Michigan State did not look like conference contenders this week. I'm actually a little scared of Illinois this year. Iowa and Penn State both looked worse than I expected. But coming back to Purdue, comparing to other teams I'm not too concerned yet. Everybody's got a lot of kinks to work out and we haven't dominated an opener like this in a few years. Very curious about Michigan tonight.

zlionsfan said...

What were the conditions like? I wouldn't be as worried about the fumbles if it was a wet field ... the interceptions, though, are different, unless they were the slipped-throw kind rather than the bad-read kind.

The defense did a fine job, though. One drive with a couple of plays they probably want to have back, and the rest of the game they were solid.

Nice job by Short on special teams. Returns seemed pretty good, but the out-of-bounds kicks and blocked XP are problems. Again, I'm hoping that the conditions played some kind of role. If not ... well, the new kickoff rule doesn't help a whole lot if you put the ball out of bounds instead of in the end zone or high in the air.

Jake said...

Tim posted?! Can't be! Who hacked Tim's account?