Sunday, September 09, 2012


I've been sharing a lot of quotes on Twitter from the Boilers following the loss at ND, but there are two from quotemaster Danny Hope that I wanted to address because they seem somewhat nonsensical and just beg to be picked apart.

First, following the game, Coach Hope said this about the multi-QB system:

"We're always going to play more than one quarterback," Hope said. "We don't want the No. 1 quarterback to go down and have to wave a white flag right in the middle of the game or right in the middle of the season. ... I thought the classic example today was when Robert Marve went down and TerBush came back in the game and put us in position to potentially go into overtime."

So, wait... am I to believe that Hope thinks that if you don't play at least two, if not three, QBs on a constant basis in every game that it means you would have to fold up the tent and forfeit the rest of your season in the event that a #1 QB got hurt? Because that's kind of what he's saying. He's implying that both guys play in case on gets hurt, like what happened with Marve Saturday. Otherwise, you'll have to "wave a white flag" right there in the middle of the game because they'll be like, "Backup quarterback? Wha-ha-ha-ha-happened? We only have one guy who even knows how to spell quarterback!"

Weren't we told all spring, summer and into the season about how great it is to have three experienced quarterbacks? And how all three looked great? And how all three are veterans? Et cetera?

Well, if all that is true, then wouldn't a logical (sane) person conclude that whoever isn't starting is already seasoned and experienced enough to be the #2 QB and be ready to come in if necessary, such as in a case of injury? Am I simplifying this too much? I don't think I am.

If that's really Coach Hope's reasoning, it's close to insanity.

The next quote came from Coach Hope today, and had to do with the possession at the end of the third quarter when Purdue trailed 17-7 but got the ball to the Irish 1-yard-line and had third and goal. The Boilers were flagged for delay of game, then called a time out and then Marve got sacked after the time out. I believe this was where I tweeted that Purdue looked more confused coming out of a time out than most teams do when they're discombobulated enough to call a time out. 

But here's what Hope said about it:

"We've gone back and looked at the scoreboard and the play clock and we're trying to figure out where the time went, but we're missing about 12 or 13 seconds somewhere," Hope said of the sequence after Macarthy's catch.

I honestly don't even care if this is true. It's fine if it is, but don't say it out loud, Danny. Don't say things like you lost 12 or 13 seconds somewhere, because it makes you sound clueless. This does, however, explain why the Boilers looked so befuddled after the time out.

There were a few commenters (not many, but a few) who seemed to feel that we shouldn't have been complaining about the coaching. Well, we weren't the only ones for one thing. For another, we call 'em like we see 'em -- that's why you love us so dearly. And third, these kinds of remarks do not instill confidence in a fanbase that, frankly, just wants to love their team from top to bottom.


MrAnonymous said...

Actually, I think Hope is worried about Marve's knees and his durability for the season. I thought of the worst on Saturday, Marve going down and holding his knee. I didn't see the game two weeks ago, but I heard the same thing happened there.

Unknown said...

Is Hope saying the "missing" seconds happened after Macarthy's catch gave them 3rd and goal at the one (before the delay of game) or after the timeout was called?

Doesn't the play clock reset to 25 seconds (instead of the normal 40) after a time out or change of possessions? If Hope thought they had 40 seconds coming out of the time out, there are your "missing" seconds.

jbrunner said...

Considering that TerBush was okay enough to score the clutch game-tying touchdown, Hope actually looks like a smart guy for having more than one quarterback ready.

We lost the game because of defensive errors at the end.

(Note: Probably worth mentioning that I agree Marve should have started the 2nd half. We had some momentum going with him before halftime.)

The Starving Guitarist said...

I wondered about those missing seconds too after I read that quote, but I'm sure the coaching staff would know the clock rules after a timeout. I mean, I can't believe that they wouldn't at this point in their careers and we did see some rather questionable officiating this weekend... who knows. I have no clue on that one.

I agree MrAnonymous, Marve's knee has to be a worry and it would be better to have another QB with some game experience than to have to get one ready from scratch in the middle of the season. But it's worse than just Marve because Henry has had an ACL tear and Terbush has had academic issues rule him ineligible, so it doesn't look like any one QB that we have can be completely relied on.

zlionsfan said...

I can't do it. I can't defend that quote. I'd really like to believe that Hope is just one of those coaches who knows what he wants to say, but never quite words it right for the media.

But really ... you want to take snaps away from your best QB just in case he goes down? Even though pretty much nobody else in college football seems to see a need for this? Even though you never saw a need to do this at EKU or here at Purdue before?

By doing that, you essentially make your fear come true: taking significant snaps away from the #1 to give the #2 experience means that your #1 is not on field for significant stretches. Of course, in Purdue's case, there may not be a clear #1 ... and there won't be, as long as you keep rotating QBs.

Maybe Marve is fragile. But as people pointed out before, he's not going to get any less fragile by having TerBush in for more plays. In fact, you probably want Marve on the field more so that he can continue to learn what he can and can't do with his knee.

Shawn said...

I think the second quote is implying that the refs screwed up the play clock. ND had an issue with it early on and if I recall correctly, Hope spent most of that timeout yelling at the refs. I think we may have been shortchanged on the play clock, but to waste that timeout arguing when your team still has a shot at 7 points from the 6 is just plain dumb.

Almost as dumb as Hope's first statement. Almost.

BoilerBloodline said...

I honestly cannot believe there are people who believe this 2 QB system is the right idea. It hurts way to many aspects of the game to call it successful. Are the same supporters going to say the same thing in the coming years, or are you just okay with it for this particular team? By utilizing a 2 QB system you are not allowing just 1 QB to reach his full potential, which WILL ALWAYS end with mediocre play. I don't know about you guys, but I don't strive for mediocrity.

The Starving Guitarist said...

I defended it given circumstances, but I don't like it. I would also rather see Marve be the lone QB for the whole season. I just think it's a huge risk. As far as Terbush starting in the ND game, I understand him starting if everybody agreed that he did better in camp and practice. Still didn't like that he got so much time in the 3rd quarter, but Hope gave him plenty of chances. Before we were upset because he yanked the QB after 1 bad series. So as fans it's like we're always going to grump about something. If the ND game was the 4th game of the season and Marve had outplayed Terbush for 2 or 3 straight games, I would be more upset about how they played the QBs against ND. Now maybe in a year or two, if Appleby or Etling or somebody else emerges, keeps his grades up and proves durable, maybe we'll get 1 QB or at least one "main" QB and another guy who plays occasionally. It doesn't really matter what I think, I just hate to see everybody piling on the coaches like that after a strong showing that could've easily gone our way. I mean, I can name plenty of potential things that swayed the game in ND's favor and the QB system is lower on the list:
-the refs 1. not giving Hope the timeout that he was signalling for, which resulted in a delay of game penalty and 2. The refs not penalizing ND for trying to call a timeout when they didn't have any timeouts
-The pass defense. Our corners repeatedly got burned
-Marve losing track of the play clock when we had a 3rd and 1 on the goal line
-And here I would throw in stupid interception by Terbush, but in my mind, by coming in and making a ridiculous 4th and 10 touchdown pass, he erased that.
-Dropped passes (Bush scares me sometimes)

All of this stuff is more an issue to me because we really don't know what would've happened if Marve started the 2nd half. Terbush is harder to bring down. The ND pressure looked pretty strong and was probably re-energized after the half. When Marve was in there later, our O-Line held up a little better. Sure he got sacked a few times, but he also had a few plays where he had all day to throw. Seems like when Terbush was in, our line didn't hold up as well.