Monday, October 29, 2012

Minnesota Aftermath

So...Robert Marve is now the starter.
For more, Check out GBI article and video.

My hope is that Marve can help the defensive scheme...because that seemed to be the biggest issue to me.

Hmmm.  I guess the theory that's been floating around that he wasn't physically able to play was inaccurate.

Listen to our thoughts following the massacre in Minneapolis below.

Hope your week starts well!!

Off topic: It looks like South Carolina's Lattimore's injury was not as bad as it looked initially...and it's not a career-ender; great news.


BoilerBloodline said...

Great stuff guys. I really enjoy seeing the body language that goes along with your insight. I also appreciate that you know and understand how the coaching of a football team is set up and that Hope really doesn't have a hands on approach with his trademark. (OL)That being said, I don't know that an OL graded at 100% across the board every game could make Caleb Terbush good enough to warrant being a starter at this level. I do agree with pretty much everything you guys had to say. I just don't understand how you guys keep your cool...hell, I would have blown up my own site with expletives by As far as BBall goes, I TOTALLY agree Matt Painter is holding his cards VERY close to the vest and he has A LOT more in mind than an 8th place B10 finish. (As predicted by the B10 writers) Keep up the good work, it's always nice to have you guys as a buffer for my Boiler rage.

KevinB said...

100% agree with the go all in on Appleby next year statement. Put Henry out there and use him in the slot. We have to do that, because we can look at the past and see that the years we were successful were when we had a QB that was allowed to learn and keep that position for a while.