Saturday, November 03, 2012

Nuts and Bolts of the Impending Hire

I'm going to help the athletic department with some legwork...because I'm a giver:

Dave Doeren, HC Northern Illinois
$750,000 buyout

Sonny Dykes, HC La Tech
$500,000 (approx.) buyout

Kyle Flood, HC Rutgers
$1million buyout

Kliff Kingsbury, OC Texas A&M
no buyout

Mark Helfrich, OC Oregon
no buyout
(phone number unavailable)


James said...

Though it has been observed in other posts, Purdue probably should go outside of its "bubble" in order to find success again. Surely there are some good men or women in the other Big Ten schools who are ready to lead the Purdue Athletic Dept. A new AD should hire a new football coaching staff. Now is the time to change it. But if this happens, what would become of Matt Painter?

Sean said...

Kings bury, Dykes, Helfrich in that order. Agree that we need a new AD to do the hiring too, but Painter isn't going to be touched and should even factor into the discussion. He is here regardless of the administration and for as long as he wants

boilerbugle said...

He's been successful, why would a new ad mess with him?

James said...

Why would a new AD mess with him? Ego. Ego fires the previous coach when he goes 7-5. Ego says, "I want my own guy in that position." Ego changes the "brand" and the school colors [though the athletic apparel companies are running wild these days]. Then after three years at a big school, Ego looks for a bigger school.

BoilerBloodline said...

Sorry James, ego doesn't fire an alum head coach that is by all accounts one of the best basketball coaches in the nation and graduates his players while not getting caught breaking any rules....not here or anywhere else for that matter.