Friday, November 02, 2012

We Are....Doing The Predicto

If you're bored and want to be riled up, check out the comments section of any Penn State related blogsite when they discuss anything even tangentially related to the child abuse scandal they will now forever be known for. The levels of denial and delusion are amazing, even to this day.

As new details surface on the atrocities committed there and the behavior of those in power who obfuscated (to put it mildly) while a child predator walked among them for years, it becomes even clearer what kind of a man the sainted Joe Paterno really was. They say you can be judged by the company you keep, so even if you delude yourself into believing there isn't any "evidence" that Paterno handled things criminally, you sure can pass judgement on those he confided in, discussed things, with and conspired among. Had he lived, Joe Paterno would most likely be indicted at this point and awaiting trial on felony charges.

All that said, Bill O'Brien appears to be his own kind of jerk. I discussed with Boilerdowd almost immediately how unlikable and arrogant this guy appears, almost like he's cranky that he got roped into the long term contract he's in that is pretty ironclad.  And while a jerk is just a jerk, accessories to sexual deviancy and people who cover-up child abuse are quite another.

O'Brien had nothing to do with the cover up that went on at PSU over the past decade-plus and the current players didn't, either. They've all done their best to represent PSU in a positive way and I think it's important to remember that. Sure, go ahead and boo them as they take the field, just like you would any other opponent. But as hard as it is to separate what went on from those blue and white uniforms that symbolize Penn State, you probably should try. These guys did nothing wrong but trust the old men in charge when they came on board -- something lots of people did.

That said, it's predicto time.

J says:

We still have no electricity at my house in NJ, which is probably good because I'm not sure how much more Purdue football I want to watch this season. We discussed on our impromptu Handsome Hangout on Sunday that while the Minnesota loss might have felt like rock bottom, it probably can get worse -- like if they continue to get drubbed. And I have some bad news -- they probably will.

One thing that could stop it at this point is if this team decides to play for Coach Hope. While sounding cheesy, it actually has some merit. The 2008 Boilers were a listless, terrible football team, but when Coach Tiller was on his way out, the Boilers laid a whipping on Indiana the likes of which aren't often seen in conference play. When Jim Colletto announced he wasn't coming back in 1996, another atrociously-bad Boiler team went out and beat Michigan 9-3. If these guys get the sense that the coach they supposedly love is on the thin ice he must be at this point, perhaps you'll see some spirit out of them. We certainly didn't see any against Minnesota.

Another thing that could stop the bleeding is the play of Robert Marve. He is reportedly going to start -- right in the nick of time, coaching staff! Of course, they couldn't even make the change that has been obvious to everyone for over a year without making it sound like the media pushed them into doing it.

Robert Marve injects life into this team. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen them play without energy when 9 has been under center. So given that, I do think they have a fighting chance -- if Robert is given the reins for the entire game, or nearly the entire game (if you want to run Henry in a few spots, have at it, but no switching QBs for entire quarters at a time). Of course, the downside for Robert is that he gets the nod against a pretty stout defense, 18th in the nation in points allowed. And finally, there is the issue of his gimpy knee, that we aren't even sure can take a full game of action. As we've said repeatedly, as much as we want to see Marve play, we would rather Purdue lose out than see this young man writhing on the ground again.

If Marve doesn't see the majority of the action for whatever reason, it'll be a long day for the Boilers in front of a half-empty Ross-Ade. If he does, it'll be a slightly less long day, but a long day all the same. There is nothing in the past month-plus (Purdue's last win was Sept 29, by the way -- last Big Ten win will be one year ago in 24 days) that leads me to think Purdue should be given a shot in this game.

Nittany Kittens 42
Purdue 28

Boilerdowd says:

This is a big week for Purdue's football program's future; it seems everyone inside and outside of the program understands that.

In the immediate future, you have Robert Marve, KK Short, Josh Johnson, Akeem Shavers and others all beginning to understand that they're entering the last few games they'll ever play in a Purdue uniform.  These guys have played through injury, bled and torn soft tissue for this program...and played through it.  By every account, Marve's impassioned speech to the team shortly after he was named starter was pretty moving.  The guy is a fighter...and he'll be playing with one less ACL than the other 21 guys on the field this Saturday...can his heart and big arm make up for it, is the question.

The bigger question will be, of course, can the defense stop anybody.  Penn State does a lot well on offense and has one of the statistically-best QBs in the league.  While I can't say I'm impressed with him, I am very impressed with the hard-nosed football PSU has been playing and the fact that in spite of outside distractions, their coaching staff has done an amazing job getting them ready each and every week...that's quite a contrast with Hope and co, is it not?

Hope blames the media and amazing outlets like this one for creating this situation that Purdue's football program is in....but the blame is squarely on the guys in the fancy Nike jackets on the sidelines. Each week when these guys blow smoke up their players arses publicly, our Boilers lay an egg the next Saturday...that's kinda bad news for my alma mater's team.

Hope said that in spite of the score, Purdue was close statistically to Mini-Sota.  Who gives a damn.  They were smoked in every area...the good news is Marve and Henry both provided something to grin about in a day filled with apathetic sighs and groans from the Boiler faithful...that ended (for most of us) with a trip far away from the TV.

If Purdue can do the improbable and win on Saturday, it'll be because Robert Marve and company were allowed to do their job...and no dumbass comments about Marve leaving the script or not being able to manage the game like someone else will be deterring him from doing so.  But, if Nord is pulling the strings, expect more of the same crap that Purdue has been giving the last few weeks.  But prepare for a big first or second play!!!

Tibesar needs to throw out everything he's been doing the past few weeks as well.  If it takes using 12 players to stop PSU, do it.  Hell, Paterno did that a few years ago and all he got was a flag.

Here's a crappy scenario that I think is possible: Purdue will show fight for a half, and maybe get the lead...but that lead will bring TerBush off of the bench for some solid game management and prevent defense on the other side of the field.  Purdue could have a 10 point lead with three minutes left and give that away; we've seen it before.  The good news is, if that scenario rolls around, Hope's revolutionary timeout strategy will save Purdue again...ammiright?

Show me, Boilers...I wanna be wrong.

Loving Lions 35
Purdue 31


CaryNW87 said...

Purdue 17
PSU 35

Will Sonny Dykes, please pick up the white courtesy phone...

COD said...

My son is fencing at William & Mary and my wife wants to go just so that she can hit the outlet malls in Williamsburg. I never thought I'd choose the mall over a Purdue football game on TV, but I'm actually happy to be in a position where I have no real option to watch the game. I mean, I could watch it on my phone, but I'm not going to do that.

strawmy57 said...

No the White one.
Surely Purdue will muster some kind of effort this Saturday, if not I'll develop a drinking problem. Hopefully they wont play on autopilot. Looks like i picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.
PSU 31 Purdue 25

BoilerWhat said...

I've had a drinking problem since the Rice game, Strawmy.

PSU 27
PU 21

Whether it's a single game or the season, Hope puts Marve in when the goals are out of reach. If the QB decision is due to health reasons, then just say it.

CaryNW87 said...


25 points? Surely you can't be serious.

The Accidental Expat said...

Given the distractions of Penn St this week, and providing Marve rallies the players and only eavesdrops on Nord's play calls and freelances the rest of the time and manages to stay healthy... eh, I'd say we have a puncher's chance-- this team does seem to play better when there are no expectations placed on them. That being said, O'Brien may be a dick, but he's proven to be a pretty sound coach, and may use the latest round of scandals to further motivate his guys. Could go either way, but unless -all- the planets line up just right, I foresee a PSU win-- prove me wrong Boilers.

Prediction: One way or the other Brock Spack's agent will be getting a call on Monday (sighing, rolling of eyes, gnashing of teeth).

zlionsfan said...

O'Brien's the perfect coach for the transition period: his Schiano-like behavior is fine now when it doesn't make any difference (it would probably look worse for him to be playing the victim if the legal stuff were done, but as long as the bad guys are still on trial, his comments won't get much airtime), and his act will have worn thin enough by the time the smoke begins to clear for the next AD to hire his own coach without any qualms.

Unfortunately, it means that there's no chance PSU will overlook a struggling Purdue squad, especially knowing that they've already had one bad loss this year. (Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.) It'll make a difference to have Marve start, but he won't be calling his own plays. The driver's better, but the car's still junk.

Penn State 47
Purdue 21

boilerdowd said...

Love the last line, yo!

Mommatried said...

Ima go out on a limb here- for no reason other than no one else has...not because this coaching staff deserves it (the athletes do, however.)

Marve shows us what we have all been missing....and puts on a show for all 25,000 in attendance...throws for 270 yards, 2 TDs, no picks, running game is opened up...and we see a game come together for the Boilers...

Purdue 27
Penn State 26

and if that doesn't happen...would anyone be surprised? disappointingly no.

Time for the choo choo to get back on track...

James said...

I have my ticket courtesy of Military Appreciation Day and plan to be there. However, I don't expect to have much fun. Honestly, I've wanted to see Penn State for the longest time, so here's the chance. The band will be good. Mr. Gephardt will have them fully prepared and in top form. How many people will leave after the band finishes? I've seen it before.

BoilerBloodline said...

After my blowout prediction of last week going the exact opposite direction of my pick, maybe it will happen again this week. Ped St. 49 Boilers 17. Of course...if this happens...Hope may get an extension the following it's hard to wish for wins nowadays, with the thought changes might be coming. The estimated attendance never seems to end up correct, so I say no more than 29-30k of the Old Gold & Black origin show. (with another 10-15k of those blind, arrogant fools that call themselves football fans BEFORE humans). Another sign of how far down the positive posse has taken this team. It honestly makes me want to cry...thinking I could be nearing the age of 50 (38 now) before Purdue can crawl out of this cavernous pit of crap. I'm starting to understand why my grandfathers were both so bitter about Purdue sports.

CalTravelGuy said...

Penn State BIG... Real Big. There's no heart in that locker room. Marve will, for sure, get hurt by the way.

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to see Texas A&M kicking tail. Um. I'm not jealous or bitter or anything ...