Thursday, December 20, 2012

BS Trivia Contest Day 2: Win Tickets to Heart of Dallas Bowl

[UPDATE: Winners came in fast and furious... and so to give me less emailing to do, you can stop sending your answers now. We have two winners and an alternate winner in case one of them backs out. Next chance to win tomorrow at noon, eastern.

Oh, and the answer is eight years. 1997-2004.]

It's Day 2 of the great Boiled Sports ticket giveaway.


Hey, that's not the joke you think it is! It's just meant to symbolize north Texas!

Anyway, it's Day 2. After the click-through, you'll see today's question.

Once again, the first two correct answers emailed to win a pair of tickets each to the Heart of Dallas Bowl on January 1 in the Cotton Bowl, Dallas, Tejas.

Today's Question:

Purdue is playing in their second consecutive bowl game (thanks, Danny!). What is the longest consecutive year bowl streak for our Boilers (number of years)?

Next chance to win comes at noon, Eastern, tomorrow!


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