Monday, December 03, 2012

Monday Football Gumbo

Sunday afternoon and evening lit up the Purdue football Twitterverse as a lot was happening.

First, Butch Jones came to West Lafayette via the Purdue trustees' private plane along with his wife.  Whatever they did/talked about took around four hours...Then he went back to Cincy without any announcement.

Not Purdue's plane.
During his visit on campus, it was revealed that Purdue would be playing in the Heart of Dallas Bowl...but at that point, our Boilers didn't know who they'd be playing.  A bit later, it was revealed that they'd square off versus their bowl opponent from 1997, Oklahoma State.  And just as Purdue is involved in coaching opening news, so is Okie State...but on the other side of the rumor mill.

The Cowboys' coach is linked to talks for both the Arkansas and Tennessee jobs...and, of course, he won't confirm or deny any of these suspicions.  So as Purdue's team looks to follow an interim coach into battle on January first, Oklahoma State might not be following their 8th-year coach...but an interim of their own, should Tennessee or Arkansas get their way.

But, with T. Boone Pickens and his large bags of cash on the side of OK St., who knows what will happen.  What we do know is both programs are in separate states of limbo at this point. If you have any questions about the situation, don't ask Pickens, he's an old man...whereas Gundy...he's a (younger) man...he's forty (five).

Oklahoma State is 7-5, and unlike Purdue, had no glaringly-bad losses during the season.  In fact, all of their losses came to bowl teams and they were competitive in most of those.  Unlike Purdue, they had two wins versus bowl teams, but those two teams (Iowa State and Texas Tech) weren't world beaters. In a ten-team Big 12, they're fourth.  In a 12-team Big 10, Purdue is eighth-best in the conference...and the RPI has the Big 12 as a slightly-tougher conference.  But, Oklahoma State is a top-five offense in many categories...and Purdue's defense has struggled for much of the that doesn't seem like it's great news for our boys.

We'll talk more about this in the coming weeks.  In fact, we've got 30 days to really think about this one and chew on it as the game will be played on January 1.

Before then, Purdue will surely have a new coach...but as of now, we don't know who it'll be.

Burke, Marve and the rest of the team talked about their upcoming bowl game at the late afternoon presser...but Burke refused to answer questions about the coaching situation.  Since Jones was brought on campus, I was hoping we'd hear an announcement this afternoon...but since then, we've all learned that he'll be going to Boulder to talk to the University of Colorado about their opening.  From everything I've heard, Colorado, like Purdue, is very serious about finding the right coach and is ready to give Jones' a sizable raise to move out West.  But, according to Colorado's Rivals site, Colorado's search isn't as far along as Purdue's seems to be.

Jones and his wife met in college in Michigan, and Jones has never worked further West than he currently does...but, he definitely will soon; hopefully it'll be a bit more to the near-West.  It seems we'll know either way early this week.

My thought is that a half million dollars is a lot of money, and it sounds like Colorado will offer Jones that much more than Purdue.  That's kinda tough to turn down, regardless of where you come from and where you've been.  My gut feeling isn't good about this right now...and really, isn't very good about the hiring process at this point.  The guy I wanted to see at Purdue took a job at NC State for about $700,000 less than Burke seems to be willing to pay the next guy, and it seems he never really got past the initial phase of this search by the Athletic Department.

NC State's hiring of Doeren over Sonny Dykes shook everything up a bit...Dykes is now rumored to be talking to Cal who is also talking to DeRuyter...who is said to be in the running for the Purdue job along with Dykes. DeRuyter is also said to be a candidate for the Colorado job if Jones doesn't take it first.

Until we see and hear a press conference formally introducing the next coach, it's going to be a pretty tense time.  Regardless of when that conference comes, here's to it being the right fit.


zlionsfan said...

There's nothing wrong with being 45. I'm just sayin'.

If what I understand is correct, a significantly greater amount of money would be required to make the CU job equal to Purdue. Recruiting restrictions (placed by administration) helped constrain the previous coach, this coach obviously only had two years and was still starting a bunch of inexperienced players, so unless the new guy brings in 15 JC transfers, he's not winning 6 games for a year or two, and of course he may not have longer than that.

But sometimes guys like that kind of challenge. Kevin Wilson didn't take the IU job because he knew he could win in year 1, after all. You know ... some guys buy NCAA and take the defending BCS champs. Some guys take Louisiana-Lafayette. Maybe Jones is the latter.

BoilerBloodline said...

I'd like to believe Jones prefers coming to Purdue and is entertaining Colorado for the wife. Ya never

Plang said...

The sad thing is that this sort of speculation is more enteraining than the product on the field for most of the year.

My personal opinion, based on nothing more than what I see in the news and talking to a few friends that are alums, is that the Colorado job is toxic. The school has to offer more money to get anyone to look at it. To take that job would mean a) the coach loves huge challenges, or b) the money was just enough to make all the other issues seem smaller. Funny how money can do that to certain people.

Purdue Matt said...

It's certainly in Jones' best interest to leverage multiple offers into the best possible offer from his next employer.

boilerdowd said...

Completely agree, Matt...I hope he makes a good call for all parties involved. Nice insight, Paul.

Z- how long are the restrictions in place? Are they transferring to the next staff??

BB- if his wife loves vista views, Morgan and co. are in trouble.

zlionsfan said...

It's hard to say. From what I've read, they were primarily because of Barnett; Hawkins got them relaxed or removed, can't tell which. Embree had basically the same rules as Hawkins, but was also trying to fill a very empty cupboard.

CU's current rules are available online - and apparently posted in bathrooms, among other places??? - but I don't know enough to know if they are a reflection of NCAA rules or more restrictive now.

PUhopeless said...

Was Dykes ever in Purdue's sights? If not, wonder why not - he's gone from being rumored to end up in the SEC and now to Cal. I'd think we could compete with Cal if need be to get him here...??

Aaron H. said...

Is Cincy more west than Mt. Pleasant, MI??

zlionsfan said...

Yes, barely. Mt. Pleasant is 84°46' west latitude; Cincinnati is 84°30'.

zlionsfan said...

sorry, I mean no. Cincinnati is east.

boilerdowd said...

I called that a tie...yeah, I checked a map before posting.

PatrickWB said...
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PatrickWB said...

Has everyone kind of made up their minds that Jones is the guy we want? Looking at his record, I feel like he would win at Purdue right away - if Brian Kelly had been our coach for the last four years.

James said...

If Morgan Burke is REALLY smart, he'd target a coach and then find a way to convice his wife to come here. At the end of the day she will make the decision, not the husband. And if that's the case with Mr. and Mrs. Jones, the Boulder Flatirons are much prettier than the Wabash Valley.

James said...

Mrs. Jones doesn't want to move again?