Saturday, February 16, 2013

Six Good Minutes: 83-55 Ouch!

Michael Conroy/AP Photo

I consider myself an optimistic person when it comes to Purdue sports, I think we all do. We all want the best for our alma mater and in doing so, we develop a gold and black view of the world, that being said this sucks.

Getting spanked by a combined 65 points by your arch rival hurts, especially when it's your senior year, but what sucks even more is when you feel like your team has given up.  

I was reading a story on the Journal and Courier website by Jeff Washburn today and this stuck out, and sticks out even more now:
Gene Keady’s typical February message was delivered in varying forms of, “It’s not who you play, but when you play them.” Keady’s theory was that by mid-February, those who aspired to make noise in the postseason or play for the Big Ten Conference championship were peaking. Teams looking at a sub-.500 record were beginning to go through the motions, hoping the end was near.
For this team the season is drawing to an end and it's a disappointing one.  Maybe the 2007 class gave us too much to hope for this year.  Maybe their run and their development into special program players spoiled us beyond belief, but Robbie Hummel, E'Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson are gone, so is their talent, and so is there leadership.  Through players like Hummel, Moore, Johnson, Grant, Green and Kramer, Purdue developed an edge, a certain toughness, that isn't on this team.

In my opinion there is some type of divide with this team currently, egos are getting in the way and that edge isn't there.  Numerous times today IU got a turnover and no one hustled back on defense.  I would say one guy played truly hard the entire time he was in there, Sandi.  Sandi doesn't have half the talent of AJ Hammons, but if you look at the effort he gives, he's a better player right now.

The guys of BS have talked amongst ourselves about players leaving, and I have come to the conclusion that if they don't buy into Painter's system, let them go.  There is no point in being here if you aren't willing to work hard. There needs to be a culture change at Purdue within this program, bringing back one of the greatest Boilermakers to ever step foot on Keady Court to the bench would help.  Cardinal wouldn't take laziness.

The game today was a story of six minutes and the other 34.  IU was the better team today, no one doubted that, but for six minutes, the Boilers played with emotion.  Wrecking havoc on defense, scoring the basketball and just playing good ball, but that was just six minutes. The Boilermakers took a 19 point lead down to ten, then halftime killed the momentum.  The better team won today, there is no doubt, but the lack of effort kills me and is painful to watch.

Maybe it's the coaching.  I believe in Painter, I think he is a great coach who knows what he is doing, but I think he is lost with these guys.  They just aren't buying it.  On the pre-game interview done by the CLIZ, Painter said he just wanted effort, that wasn't there the entire game, which is disappointing.

Maybe it's time to forget about basketball season and just move one to the next, but as Boilermakers we just can't do that.  This team is growing and is building into what could be something special.

If you came here for a recap, this is all that you're going to get, because honestly, there wasn't much to be excited about.  Here is the game in one sentence: IU had their way with the Boilermakers.

To close out, one of my twitter followers, mentioned this team was like and old beat up car, it keeps quitting.  As sad is it is to hear, it's the truth.

With no passion and no guts it seems, this team is done.  All we can hope for now is a strong finish and the development of players.  As much as I would love to say Dakich is wrong, he's right, Purdue needs to focus this offseason on getting better and put in the effort, or this could be a team that is a let down and Matty could be out the door.

Am I saying give up on this team and give up on coach?  No, Boilers never quit, Boilers never falter.  Ever Grateful Ever True, CHOO CHOO.


COD said...

I'm starting to wonder if Hammons will be around next year. He really appears to be just going through the motions the last few games.

Mark said...

I don't think they've quit...I think they're beaten down in a great league.

I also think that Painter and Burke hold the blame. Inadequate recruiting (for whatever reason) is oen of the two big issues. We don't have the horses they do.

The second thing though, Painter REALLY has to address. Why aren't his players shooting well?

Notice with the game over, AJ buries two in a row. It's all mental.

This team looks like a dog at the homeless shelter...

conk said...

Theyre overmatched AND have quit. Even Dakich said it...any player who isnt embarrassed by this shouldnt wear the Purdue jersey and should be playing D2. Half this team should be playing in the MAC at not totally their fault. What an embarrasment.

Purdue Matt said...


Don't appreciate your dog at the homeless shelter comment.

Your Indiana Hoosiers said...

Seriously? Hammons Jogged up the floor as three or four Hoosiers sprinted past him They got outhustled, outplayed and made an all-around very poor effort. This team showed no guts, no pride, and no-confidence. They don't seem to have any leadership and painter doesn't seem to be able to get the best out of them. It's one thing cannot have any talent, it's quite another not make the effort against your number one most hated rival. They lay down and they quit.

BoilerDan said...

It is simply time to take the names off the jerseys.
To me it is clear this team is playing more for themselves than for Purdue. This is a no-brainer to me, and should have been done long ago.

Mark said...

I mean animal shelter...

The irony is that I was working with hunger and homeless issues when I posted earlier.

Mark said...

Over at, they're saying this team is terrible, and people are already giving up on RJ, Hammons, and Davis.

They are Freshmen who have been asked to lead the team in the face of a senior who has never been the kind of leader we want (hothead, inconsistent, law issues).

This group will be very good if we can keep them four years, which is what everyone has always said about them...they are FOUR YEAR stars, not one-and-dones.

Some if it them. Much of it is Painter (some coaching but mainly recruiting). Much of it is Barlow, Byrd, and Hart.

The BTN said at the beginning of the year that they expected us to struggle because we didn't have quality experience and we couldn't shoot. What they projected is exactly what we are.

I think we all need to hit 'reset' on expectations (myself included).

This offseason will define Painter's career and these young men's bb future.

I think we'll be happy in two years...but it requires some patience. I believe Painter is blasting them in fire so as to refine them for the next 3-4...just like Beast Barracks at West Point.

Mark said...

Btw, if you've ever been on a losing team that was outmatched, you know that even the 'easy fundamentals' become difficult.

That is what we're experiencing. It's ALL mental. I think Painter is trying to break them at this point so that he give a new start for next season...which is what this team needs.

We also have to remember that we just played 4 games against GREAT teams. IU (x2)- UM - MSU. And another against a pretty good team that's clicking in Illini.

This is a baptism by fire for the Frosh. It's also the first year without a 2007 player in 5 years. They have been leaders. We have no leaders and until that's worked out, we won't win/grow.

There are so many issues at play. Most of which will get better next year. Some will need effort. Some will not change (5* players!).

Vandarth said...

I have seen a few people post that Hammons is going to enter the NBA draft after this season. Is that as unrealistic as I think it is? I mean, he's only really showed up 100% for like 3 games this season. I didn't think his stat line is anything close to enough to get him into the NBA yet. He's got a high enough ceiling to get there but I can't imagine the scouts would be happy with what they've seen for the past several games. Anyways, much of the same people talking about that have been talking about some more realistic transfer rumors, but I figure if they're that far off base about Hammons, I should ignore the other rumors until somebody verifies it. I really hope nobody leaves, I really want to see this team figure things out.

Mark said...

I think the fanbase's is freaking out...

However, I thought it was interesting that Painter's post-game comments to the team included a comment about not transferring out. Made me wonder for the first time if there wasn't some legitimacy....

jay.westfall said...

Got to land top recruits now. We have the top facilities. Time to beat the other folks in the recruiting wars. Keep reloading relentlessly.

Hammer Down!

BoilerByBlood said...

Can Painter be blamed for the selfishness? Absolutely.

It’s becoming quite clear that we have a lack of discipline within this program and that responsibility lies solely on the coaching staff. We can hate Izzo and Crean all we want -- but one things certain -- they’re cracking the whip when it comes to laying down the law in the locker room. I don’t see that kind of fire/personality in Matt Painter.

Don’t get me wrong -– Painter’s a good coach -- but he’s not a good disciplinarian.

Mark said...


Izzo has kids punching and fighting and raping. Kids are still playing ball right after.

Crean has been smart enough to recruit high-calibre kids. Oliadipo, Hulls, Sheehey, Zeller, etc. are all pretty outstanding individuals. Watford looks drugged, but he's always been clean on the court.

Painter has a kid get in a bar fight, and he's thrown off the team.

Puh-lease. Painter's problem might be that he's TOO intense and controlling.

BoilerByBlood said...

Those are all interesting points you bring up, however, you fail to tackle the topic: selfishness

Discipline defeats selfishness -- plain and simple

U-P Boiler said...

The talent is there -- I was reminded recently that Painter's 2010 recruiting class was ranked #9 by Rivals -- but there certainly are some missing pieces to this puzzle.