Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Little Reminder...

Before today, Hazell and Purdue's program were on a hot streak; one player left a verbal to another school, another turned his back on a few of college football's blue bloods to be part of what is being built in West Lafayette, and the class looked to be shaping up nicely- recent developments don't change that. But earlier this evening, Purdue didn't get one they really wanted...can't remember his name right now, but his story is one that reminds us of why we approach recruiting the way we do here at BS.

Hazell and his staff did everything right in this one- offered the kid early when seemingly no one else was interested...showed him the love that so many recruits talk about in the way of pulling out all of the stops during his most-recent visit on campus; and it didn't matter.  Unlike Ward, this guy was enamored with another program.  What can you say, but, "Oh well."

In an ideal world, your favorite football program would get every player they really wanted...every guy they poured time into. In the real world, Hazell is simply a salesman selling an idea (at this point).  Good salesman still strike out quite often...Great salesman do the same, but have a thick skin and move on quickly to the next opportunity.  I suspect that Coach Haze has already done so...because he has to.

Here's to Purdue getting a bunch of players on campus that really want to be Boilermakers...really want to work toward a common goal...and really want to win the right way while making those who chose otherwise wish they had done so.

Have a great week, and remember that while watching recruiting is a good diversion during the doldrums, it can also teeter toward being creepy if you get too bothered by things that don't go your way. Onward and upward...Hammer down, Coach Haze.


BoilerBloodline said...

Hey BD....for those of us NOT in the know...the NAME of your unnamed recruit would be great. I only know what I read and I don't see where we lost a kid we really wanted?? Thanks!!

BoilerByBlood said...

I'm guessing it's Terry McLaurin of Cathedral. He selected aOSU.

BoilerWhat said...

An O$U Haiku:

Ohio State pays players,
Their prez cannot shut his mouth,
Stay classy Buckeyes.

BoilerBloodline said...

I guess BD is too big of a star these days to reply to measly nincompoop like me...Thanks BBB...I think you're right. Too bad the kid doesn't realize he'll ride pine. O$U only takes 3* guys for the practice squad and to keep from having to play against them in conference.

boilerdowd said...

You're growing sensitive, huh, Bloodline? I figured since he answered the question, I could hold my line of not mentioning the kid by name.

I don't think this kid is really a 3-star player; he'll be four soon because of his production in Purdue and aOSU's camp's...speed kills; but before he was timed at such a swift time, he was known for his route running ability...kinda sounds like a tough guy to guard for me. AND, I actually met this kid at the Spring game; a friend of mine is one of the coaches at Cathedral and told me to say "hi" to him if I saw him. He's very impressive in person; really sharp.

This one smarts; Hazell knows that...but there's nothing Purdue can do about it other than move forward.

The people that are making him out to be an offer by Urban Meyer out of spite toward Purdue or the conference are mistaken, sadly. Cathedral plays great competition, by the way...they're like a college in the fact that they play multiple games outside of Indiana each year...and are on TV a lot.

BoilerBloodline said...

LOL...I was JK BD...The Mclaurin thing reminds me a tad of Roy least Mclaurin didn't commit and bolt on signing day. Anyone else think Keyante Green will play big minutes this year? The kid just looks like he has it all. Hunt at Z back (much like Dre Archer did at Kent) and Green at RB???