Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Ain't No Party Like A Pinstripe Party

Delany shows off his bland-ball.
The Big Ten agreed to a deal to be an (evidently willing) participant in a December bowl game in New York, as Jim Delany was on hand at Yankee Stadium yesterday. Delaney even spent some time in the booth with Michael Kay and Al Leiter, making sure to mention Urban Meyer, Mark Dantonio, Kirk Ferentz, "the coach at Wisconsin," and how great the league is.

Delany then threw three scoreless innings in relief of Andy Pettitte, who is actually nine years Delany's senior.

The Big Ten's partnership with the Pinstripe Bowl will run from 2014 through 2021, so you still have the '13 game to enjoy a titanic matchup of also-rans from the Big 12 and Big East. The Big Ten will officially replace the Big 12 in that pairing, but it also sounds like the Big East (now "American Athletic Conference") isn't long for the bowl game necessarily, either. According to Delaney's cryptic comments on-air last night, it sounds like that is still being negotiated. Whatever, nobody cares.

I actually attended the Rutgers-Iowa State Pinstripe Bowl in 2011. Yeah, I don't know why, either.

Yay, bowl games!

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zlionsfan said...

The nice things about second- and third-tier bowls are that they're much cheaper, you can get better seats, they aren't live-and-die matters, and fans of the other team don't seem to be ... um ... difficult to sit next to. (The last two things are probably related.)

Not that it's fun to watch the good guys blow a 25-point lead. But it's not like losing a Rose Bowl or a mythical national championship. And beer can't possibly be as expensive in Tucson or Tampa or wherever as it must be in Pasadena. (I imagine beer anywhere in New York is expensive, bowl game or not.)