Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coach Tiller Thinks Maryland Doesn't Know How To Paint Their End Zones

No word on what Coach Tiller thinks of their helmets.

Mike Carmin of the Lafayette J&C has a piece up today about Joe Tiller's 20 minutes of "I can say anything I want because I'm an old man who won a lot of games here"-style comments at the National Football Foundation Dinner this week.

Tiller, when talking about the Big Ten's expansion, remarked than whenever he talked about it to Commissioner Delaney, the general rule was that any expansion had to make the conference better. Tiller clearly doesn't see how the Terps make the Big Ten better:

I’m thinking to myself, ‘Maryland?’ They don’t even know how to paint an end zone. How in the heck are they going to make the Big Ten a better conference?

I don't know if a 70-year-old former coach making such comments qualifies for the #shotsfired hashtag, but regardless of if it does, Maryland won't even have a chance to throw a punch in this one until at least 2016. (That is, unless the Boilers and Terps meet in the Big Ten Championship Game, which I think we'd all be fine with.)

Tiller also talked about his dislike of kickers, which is an interesting contrast to his successor, Danny Hope, who called one of his kickers "the most exciting kicker in America."

Tiller also discussed the future expansion of college football playoffs, disappointingly hopping on the "players should get a share of the pie" bandwagon. One assumes Coach Tiller means a bigger share of the pie than a full ride, lots of ancillary benefits, playing football on TV and being able to forever include "Division I college athlete at Purdue University" on their resumes.

Check out the rest of the always-solid Mike Carmin's article and learn more about Tiller's opinion on starting freshman quarterbacks, whether he would be part of the college football playoff selection committee, and more.


U-P Boiler said...

Tiller called himself "stone age." he's right. My brother (58) and I (52) talk about it all the time, calling ourselves dinosaurs. Anything anybody says about college athletics has to be taken with a grain of age-related salt. Young or old.

BoilerBloodline said...

I must say that Tiller looks pretty darned good for 70. Especially when you factor in the warp aging job of D1 head football coach. Heck...(a Will Farrell doing Harry Carey HECK) I remember when Keith Urban Spoon Miejer (Meyer) went off the proverbial 'deep end' at Florida. He aged like 20 years in a week.

boilerbugle said...

That's funny coming from a guy who led Purdue to a 17 point loss to Maryland in 2006.

sykes.1 said...

Maryland and Rutgers will occupy the bottom of B1G football along with Purdue, Indiana, Minnesota and a couple of others. They're not competitive with OSU, UM, UW, UN,, PSU or MSU, but neither is the rest of the conference.