Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Handsome Hour Returns

The official Season Three premiere of the Boiled Sports podcast -- AKA, The Handsome Hour -- will air, LIVE, tonight at 9:30 PM Eastern Time. (Note the new time!)

Boilerdowd (pictured) is hard at work at his radio voice and I think you'll like the improvements. In addition to your two regular favorite handsome hosts, we'll be joined by proprietor of Hammer & Rails, T-Mill.

We plan to kick things off by simply giving you our game-by-game rundown of the season, plus some thoughts and three predictions each from the hosts... and then, at perhaps the 45 minute mark or so, we hope to take some calls at (347) 945-5560.

Feel free to listen to the stream live or, of course, catch up whenever you have a moment. Don't worry, we'll be here.


T-Mill said...

Boilerdowd is Orson Welles? Awesome!

boilerdowd said...

I have been for years.

J Money said...

The resemblance is striking, isn't it?

Shawn said...

Something tells me there'll be plenty to talk about tonight.

athomethinkingwoman said...

I'll be waiting for the comments on the new Big Ten divisions, drolly labeled "X" and "0" right now. I wonder if the Big Ten will hire consultants to name the new divisions?