Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A Behind The Scenes Look at the BTN

No, we don't mean insight into how their game coverage can lack at times.

Turns out, Tim Cary -- and if you're not following Tim on Twitter, you're missing out on a lot of Purdue content -- spent the day behind the scenes at the BTN two weeks ago.

Check out the link for never-before-seen footage of Gerry DiNardo eating and Dave Revsine reminiscing about the viewership numbers when he was doing Sportscenter.

No, just kidding, I made those up. But check out the link for Tim's story. It's a good read.


StadiumJourney said...

Tim is a great writer- I love his behind the scenes look, and he also does an amazing weekly wrap-up of college football. Thanks for sharing the link!

Ben said...

As a Cardinals fan who sadly watched themselves crap the bed...all I can say is God Bless Roy Halladay.