Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I know how much you all love it when I talk about baseball. I take some abuse, especially for being a Yankee fan, but hey, that's life. I grew up a half hour or so from Yankee Stadium, so that's my excuse.

Boilerdowd is on vacation this week at some all-male, nudist retreat somewhere in the Carolinas, but he took the time to say, "J, you have to do a post about the baseball playoffs."

"Fine, fine," I consented. "I'll do it. And stop pointing at my over this skype connection."

So let's get to it... how's it gonna go? Here's what I think.

New York Yankees versus Minnesota Twins

I know the Twins really played well this year. I know they play great in their new ballpark. I know the Yankees played like poop down the stretch and let Tampa back into the division when they should have closed them out. But I also know the Twins are 2-9 in their three ALDS series against the Yankees. And I know the Twinkie Dome was supposed to be this huuuuuge advantage where it was, like, sooo loud you couldn't hear yourself think. The Yankees may not have been able to think, but they were able to win, going 6-0 in the Metrodome in the playoffs. Would I be shocked in the Twins pulled it off this year? No, I guess not, but I just don't see things suddenly changing. Yankees in 4.

Texas Rangers versus Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays are really good. Like, kind of scary good. I've felt this way all season and was pleasantly surprised the Yankees held first place as long as they did. The Rays have offense, defense, speed, pitching and good managing. They've got some youth in some key spots, but most of this team also played in their deep postseason run two years ago, so I don't put much stock in the youth factor as a wide-eyed negative thing. I know the Rangers have Cliff Lee, but they then rely on CJ Wilson next. And the Rangers have never won a playoff series. I'm pretty sure they're the only MLB team that has never won a playoff series. Sure, that doesn't mean anything, really, but it's fun anyhow. I think they're just happy to be there and whenever you have two talented teams like this, I'd go with the manager who looks like he has frosted tips over the guy who looks like a crackhead. Rays in 4.

Cincinnati Reds versus Philadelphia Phillies

The Reds won their division because the Cardinals crapped the bed. Cinci is a nice story but can you name more than Joey Votto in their starting lineup? Sure, they have a guy who has touched 104 MPH on the gun. Can he pitch 40 innings this series? I doubt it. The Phils, on the other hand, are freaking loaded... and talk about a scary team. Offensively, they're stout, but pitching-wise, they're freaky. Halladay, Oswalt, Hamels, all pitching like machines. Thanks for stopping by, Cincinnati. Phillies in 3.

Atlanta Braves versus San Francisco Giants

Is it me, or do most of the NL teams seem like they're there because somebody else couldn't seal the deal? Both Atlanta and SF got in because San Diego spent September falling down the stairs and collapsing in a heap at the bottom. SF got the division away from them and Atlanta clung on to the Wild Card. I look at Atlanta and have a hard time seeing them as a playoff team. San Francisco was destined to get back to the playoffs with their pitching, but I think most people thought they might be another year or so away. Regardless, I don't think Atlanta has the horses to keep up with SF's impressive pitching staff. Giants in 4.


Anonymous said...

I can name every player on the Reds playoff roster and quite a few who aren't on that! How dare you insult the Reds!

Ok but seriously I do think the Reds have a puncher's chance at beating the Phillies. They performed better than the record against the Phillies indicates. Oswalt has been a terror for the Reds in the past but lately they have played much better against him.

My heart says Reds vs. Twins in the series but my head tells my heart to shutup and says Phillies vs. Rays.

My word is mefic.

Georiga Boiler said...

I as well can name every Reds player. Keep overlooking them. I am not saying they will win the series, but it won't be over in 3.

blr1426 said...

Glad I'm not the only Reds fan who felt the need to back them up. As for the claim that they only won because the Cards "crapped the bed", you could not be more wrong. They finished 91-71, within one game or better than half the other teams in the playoffs, and not one team with a better record than Cincinnati failed to make the playoffs. Also, 91-71 is the EXACT same record St Louis finished with while winning the NL Central a year ago, so unless you've got a year old post you can point me to where you claim the Cards only won because the Reds, Cubs, and Astros choked, zip it.

Plang said...

J - I love the baseball posts. I think you have let Boilerdowd bully you into not posting anything about baseball while he keeps slapping up crap about open-wheel racing. Boooo!

Do you want to change your pick about the Rangers vs. Rays series?

St. Louis did "crap the bed", but Cincinnati was right there with them the whole season so they didn't take advantage, they just did what they were supposed to and pulled away. That's what good teams do. Still, Philly is HOT right now and Dusty has a way of not finding the World Series.

World Series: Yankees vs. Phillies - give me a cheese steak in 6.

J Money said...

Sorry, Cinci fans... didn't mean to disparage. I like the Reds and I think their story is great and I am really happy the people of Cinci get to see a good team. It continues to disprove the myth that smaller markets can't win. (As does Minnesota, Tampa, etc.)

BUT... St. Louis had the talent this year and actually swept that series from Cinci to seemingly take control of the division and then... just faded. My point about not being able to name many Reds wasn't at people who like the Reds... it was a comment that, in general, nobody knows anything about them.

I'm not saying the Reds aren't deserving and I apologize if it came across that way. Winning a division in baseball is no small feat. (Oh, and when you guys point out records of recent division winners, your argument would be stronger if you pointed out the Cards in '06 only won 83 games and still won the Series.)

However, all that said, they're still getting housed by the Phils this series.

Bloomington.Boiler said...

It's all about the Tomahawk Chop - Please send Bobby out on top!

Christopher said...

Being a Yankees fan is like going to Vegas and rooting for the house.

Go Braves

boilerdowd said...

Thanks Paul and J, alike...I've been forcing the open wheel talk down everybody's throats, indeed!!

Remember when I wrote a series of posts about the end of the season that had Franchitti win a come-from-behind championship in dramatic fashion?

Me neither...jackholes.

Great job by the Twins finishing last night.

finntastica said...

J Money apologizing?

Did you give TMill your password?

Double burn.

Word verification: hoaphaqu
- the appropriate response from J Money & TMill to my comment.