Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Place Boilers Upset in Columbus

In front of a Homecoming Crowd, aOSU squeaked out a victory versus our Boilers.

Cody Webster received BS' gameball after averaging 45.1 yds/punt on the day. We'll have more later...


Mark said...

My prediction wasn't too far off!

OSU had the advantage of mismatches in every facet of the game. That alone leads to blowouts.

Add in the loss to Purdue last year, and the beat down they experienced (worse than the score if you watched it) at Wiscy...

OSU undoubtedly was going to spank us hard.

My only concern from this game was the play of the safeties...Ugh...pretty ugly.

zlionsfan said...

I think what we learned from this game is that Purdue's third- and fourth-string offense isn't going to move the ball much against Ohio State.

This was a freebie: nothing to lose for Purdue. If they manage to pull off an upset or even play well, it's incredible, and if they don't, well, it was to be expected. This isn't the type of game we expect Purdue to win.

Time to get healthy and prepare for a young QB next week.

Brad said...

Well, judging by some past Ohio State teams, Tressel seemed to consider the punter one of the most important positions on his team.

So I suppose, with Webster's performance today, it's just Hope trying to emulate Tressel!

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